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Which Cruise Lines Offer Super Bowl Broadcasts?

Unable to stop yourself from supporting your favorite team at the Super Bowl? Here you can find the ideal cruise line for yourself.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The Super Bowl is one of the world's most-watched annual sporting events, with millions of viewers tuning in to see their favorite team win. While several people think Super Bowl Sunday should be declared a national holiday, it cannot stop cruises from sailing. On the contrary, traveling in February can help you save money as it is the cheapest time to go on a cruise trip.

Which Cruise Lines Offer Super Bowl Broadcasts?

Here are a few cruise lines that offer Super Bowl broadcasts. They include-

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises have several ships that have massive theaters. The game and the halftime show will be broadcasted on these giant screens. You shall also be served with special tailgate-style food and drinks. You may also discover several decorations on board the ship, representing the colors of the various teams that will be playing in the competition. The game shall also be shown on the outdoor film screens and inside personal passenger cabins.

Princess Cruises

The Super Bowl is shown across a select few Princess Cruises ships. They can be seen on several venues onboard, including the Movies Under the Stars screen. With the recent addition of Ocean Sportsbook, a real-time sports wagering option, the guests can now bet on major sports competitions, including the Super Bowl, aboard the ship. This can help build the hype for the game.

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line will broadcast the game on all the venues aboard its ship, including its main screen, Funnel Vision. The screen is so big that it can also be viewed from the upper decks. The game shall also be shown aboard the ship at other “tailgate” locations. A game day menu will build the excitement, along with sports trivia and several giveaways. Several parties will also be held for children in Vibe, Edge, and Lab.

Carnival Cruise Line

The magnificent Carnival Cruise Line includes Seaside Theaters, helping get the excitement going. Guests can find live game screenings easily as they will likely be shown across multiple venues aboard the ship. To make it interesting for the guests, several games, such as Super Bowl trivia or Super Bowl bingo, shall be played on board. There will also be host-themed youth activities and photography opportunities. To top it all off, the guests can also help themselves with food and beverages that shall be available throughout the game.

Oceania Cruises

All Oceania cruises ships will broadcast the game live, except for Marina and Nautica. On ships with the live feed, a Super Bowl party will be organized with pom pom decorations, football flags, and the crew dressed in cheerleader uniforms. You can also expect tailgate food and drinks, including wings, burgers, beer, hotdogs, ribs, dips, etc.

MSC Cruises

US-based ships and passengers can watch the game on the massive poolside screen if the weather permits it. Several sports bars and hubs onboard shall also be screening the game. If the weather is not good for outdoor viewing, the game shall be shown in one of the ship’s lounges. You can also expect tailgate food and drinks service and special meals.

Regent Seven Seas

Ships under the Regent Seven Seas Cruises will show both the live and secondary feed for the Super Bowl. The secondary feed is generally shown more conveniently to account for the time difference while traveling. Each ship shall have a screening in the Constellation Theater. Several restaurants will feature football-inspired decorations, games, food, and beverages. You can help yourself with classic game snacks such as buffalo wings, burgers, pizza wedges, etc.


You do not have to worry about watching the game when you are in the middle of the ocean. Most high-end cruise lines offer live Super Bowl broadcasts and several games to maintain or build up the hype. However, one thing to note is these Super Bowl broadcasts might not show the commercials. The halftime show will still be broadcasted via live feed. Now you can enjoy yourself without having to worry about anything.

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