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5 Things to do in Kusadasi, Turkey

Do Crystal-clear Oceans, White-sand Beaches, and a rich history call you? Check out the 5 things to do in Kuşadası, Turkey.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The best-known cruise ship port in the Turkish Aegean is Kusadasi, a seaport town, known for its pleasant holidays. Kusadasi experiences long, hot and humid summers and fairly brief and mild winters because of its Mediterranean climate. The ideal time to visit Kusadasi is between June and September if you enjoy following the sun.

To make your holiday more fun-filled, we have brought you 5 things to do in Kusadasi, Turkey.

5 Things to do in Kusadasi, Turkey

1. Go over to Ephesus

Ephesus is a popular place to visit in Kusadasi. The tour of Ephesus can be completed in half a day. If you don't want to book a trip, it is easy to get to Ephesus all by yourself owing to the timely public transportation service between Kusadasi and Selçuk.

Don't miss out on the beauty of the Library of Celsus and Ephesus' enormous Great Theater. Both of them are popular for photography.

2. Brunch comfortably in Kirazli Village

The charming town of Kirazli, 10 kilometers east of Kusadasi, is enveloped by orchards and fields carpeted with vines. This is an ideal location to spend a day exploring classic whitewashed village streets.

Locals enjoy coming here on the weekends for a leisurely breakfast. Saturday is the best day to visit for foodies, as the village's weekly farmers market is packed with local organic products such as cheeses, jellies, handmade sauces, syrups, and condiments, as well as fruit and vegetables.

3. A day trip to Priene

The remains of the ancient city of Priene, approximately 40 kilometers to the south of Kusadasi, an amazing place to go and the tour is usually done along with a trip to the Miletus ruins. Breathe in the scenic beauty of the surrounding mountains.

The theater with a seating capacity of 6500 is beautifully maintained and the Temple of Athena with its traditional Ionian style is the ultimate essence of a trip here.

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4. Embark on a boat ride

Boating is a favorite summertime recreational activity in Kusadasi and there are a range of tours to choose from.

Touring boats provide one-day excursions to the Dilek Peninsula that give you a view of the flourishing shoreline and take swimming breaks at certain safe spots and shorter sunset tours.

5. Car ride to Dilek Peninsula

The Dilek Peninsula's Büyük Menderes National Park, approximately 26 kilometers away from Kusadasi, should come first on the must-see list for nature lovers. It is filled with awestruck mountain landscapes and rough coastlines.

This is a mesmerizing location where it is better to rent a car to reach. Gradually as you proceed along the shore, you may stop at several places for enjoying the sun and the sea.

The reserve's Cave of Zeus is yet another popular place to visit, and the web of forest paths in the park offers wholesome opportunities for trekking.

Final Words

Kusadasi is a significant port city of Turkey and the gateway to Aegean Europe. To know more, visit Book your cruise to Turkey and be sure to partake in the best things to do in Kusadasi, Turkey, that we've mentioned above. You'll have the time of your life, we guarantee it.

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