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Best Things for Kids & Teens on MSC Cruises

Cruises are a great vacation for the entire family, check out our list of the best things for kids and teens on MSC cruises.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you are planning a voyage with your family, MSC can be a great choice, as it provides ample activities for kids from 1 to 17 years of age. On MSC you can expect extra attention to the needs of your children, teens, and tweens as MSC holds the reputation as one of the best cruise lines for kids.


Things for Kids & Teens on MSC Cruises

A few worth-mentioning activities for kids and teens on MSC cruises are as follows –

1. MSC Family Explorer Club

The MSC family explorer club is an excursion program onshore for families. The objective of this club is to provide an opportunity for parents and children to explore the destination city for adventure and education. Children get the thrill of exploration, and with well-informed tour guides, it also provides a great storytelling experience for kids. Every trip has a unique idea, and kids play their own roles, such as detective or explorer, to complete their mission.

2. Dedicated Spaces for Children

Every MSC cruise ships has multiple children’s clubs that are divided per age group. These clubs of MSC cruises start with a Baby Club for 0 to 3 years of age and are supervised by their specially trained staff. This club is followed by Mini Club, which is for kids from 3 to 6 years of age. Mini Club offers events, games, and activities specially tailored for this age group.

Older children from 6 to 11 years of age have a Junior Club where children can participate in multiple activities, for example, Fire and Ice live video game, Dorebo Sports Competitions, Master Chef at Sea Junior, etc. Besides this, pre-teens from 12 to 14 years of age can enter the Young Club, where they can enjoy high-tech games and sports tournaments. Finally, older teens are eligible for the Teen Club. A range of activities is available there, including video game contests, karaoke, disco, and other specially-themed events. There is also Drone Academy that teaches kids to fly their drones through a special course on board.

3. LEGO® Partnership

MSC Cruises has partnered with LEGO® to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Kids & Teens on MSC Cruises from 3 to 11 can enjoy a treasure trove of LEGO® in Mini and Junior Clubs. Other than this, MSC cruises also host LEGO® experiences on board that keep parents and children engaged in teamwork to increase their creative skills.

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4. Family-friendly Dining Experience

The restaurants on MSC cruises provide an excellent opportunity for your kids to taste the extraordinary delicacies on board. The talented chefs serve international cuisines in the Main Restaurants. Apart from that, if parents want to enjoy a late-night dinner, kids can enjoy their time in the Kids Club areas, where professionals supervise them.

However, besides this list of things for kids & teens on MSC cruises, kids can also enjoy unique outdoor spaces with big offerings, including water slides and a water park. There are also opportunities for families to enjoy their time as this cruise line offers babysitting services and other facilities for a smooth voyage.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there is a myriad of things for kids & teens on MSC cruises that can keep them entertained throughout the voyage. But, besides this, parents can also enjoy their time with unique offerings that match the requirements of adult passengers. Also, the fine-dining experience on MSC cruises makes the voyage memorable for every family member that can be cherished forever.

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