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Fun Things to do on Norwegian Breakaway

Learn about the top 5 things to do while on board the Norwegian Breakaway to take your vacation to the next level.

By Cruise Booking Team

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When you think of a luxurious and opulent get away, then cruise ships are your dream come true. Norwegian Breakaway is known for its decadent setting and fantastic array of entertainment, cuisine, and endless amenities. Once you are on board, you will have the time of your life. While onboard, the plethora of activities at your service cater to every one of your whims and fancies. We have a list of things to do on Norwegian Breakaway to help you plan your cruise vacation.

Top 5 Best Things to Do Onboard Norwegian Breakaway

Here is a list of activities that will make your stay on the Norwegian Breakaway a memorable one:

1. Hit the Right Notes with 'Howl at the Moon'

The 'Howl at the Moon' experience will take you straight into a romantic movie. This is a charming experience for honeymooners and people who generally enjoy musical evenings with their loved ones.

This experience allows you to request your favorite songs from decades such as the 70s, 80s, etc., as well as songs belonging to today's times. Here, two pianists perform the songs requested by passengers, which is sure to get you grooving and moving to the tune of your favorite medley. Hearing your favorite song performed live for you is definitely one of the fun things to do on the Norwegian Breakaway.

2. Watch the Curtain Go Up at the Breakaway Theater

If you are theatrically inclined or enjoy a bit of drama in your lives (pun intended), you will definitely love the Broadway-worthy performances at the Breakaway Theater.

This theater hosts several performances, such as:

Enjoying the shows in the Breakaway Theater is a memorable experience that you should not miss.

3. Have Your Funny Bones Tickled in the Headliners Comedy Club

Guests and passengers who wish to have their funny bones tickled can attend shows at the Headliners Comedy Club, where satire, sparkling wit, and lots of laughter coupled with delightful finger food make for an enchanting evening for the guests.

The ubiquitous and well-known Second City group will leave you in tears, gasping for breath as you experience that beautiful dopamine rush due to the witty and intelligent comedy. There is no admittance fee as this experience is also a complimentary one for the guests.

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4. Indulge in Retail Therapy at the Tides Boutique

The Tides Boutique is an exclusive shopping boutique wherein passengers can indulge in shopping from brands like Roxy, USPA, Nautica, etc. This shop will make you feel like you are in some private mall because of its tasteful design, relaxed ambience, and eye-catching lighting.

5. Take a Thrilling Walk on the Plank

Being on a cruise ship in itself can be considered a thrilling experience but the 'Walk on the Plank' will surely notch up the excitement. This particular activity makes guests and passengers climb onto a plank or a series of planks on a raised platform wherein they have to walk on the said planks while balancing themselves. The sheer thrill of walking on a plank suspended at a certain height as you watch the sea beneath you, will surely give you an adrenaline rush like nothing before. The thrill factor makes this experience one of the best things to do onboard the Norwegian Breakaway.

Key Takeaways

Passengers coming onboard the Norwegian Breakaway can indulge in these activities as they please. However, this list of things to do on the Norwegian Breakaway does not end here, so head over to and find all the necessary information and make travel arrangements now.

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