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Norwegian Encore
Norwegian Encore

Fun Things to Do on the Norwegian Encore

The Norwegian Encore is waiting to be explored, cherish the variety of activities that will make for a memorable trip.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Traveling on a cruise is a unique experience; it offers a sense of serenity as you traverse across the vast blue ocean. On the other hand, for those who are full of energy, there are plenty of activities that can keep you engaged to ensure that you enjoy every moment that you spend here. In this regard, one can consider leading ships like Norwegian Encore. It offers a host of amenities that will keep you engaged. To help you choose what to do first, check out our list of the things to do on the Norwegian Encore.

Top 5 Things to Do on Norwegian Encore

1. Escape if you can

The Norwegian Encore offers a unique experience in the form of a virtual escape room wherein the passengers and guests will be required to put on a VR headset and then escape the room using their ingenuity and skill. This particular experience is a hot favorite for all ages as they end up becoming great bonding sessions, especially when passengers and guests are grouped with others they don’t know, which makes this experience one of the fun things to do on Norwegian Encore.

2. Enjoy witty shows at The Social

For passengers who wish to engage themselves in a more relaxed manner, the Norwegian Encore holds regular comedy shows, which often have the passengers and guests in splits as their funny bones are tickled. The venue turns into a nightclub later on, which sees the passengers and guests hit the dance floor, which leads to an energetic and joyful ambiance.

3. Relax at stirrup cay or swim with the pigs

Most of the ships belonging to Norwegian Cruise Line family dock at a private island owned by the company, known as Stirrup Cay. It’s a secluded oasis that consists of pristine-white sands, aquamarine blue waters of the sea, quiet spots to relax away from the rush of people, a variety of fruit-based drinks on offer and pigs....Yes, pigs. Yes, the island is native to pigs, which the cruise line’s representatives rescue and bring to the island to live freely. Passengers and guests can swim about the island, relax in secluded spots, and also feed apples to the pigs, who cuddle against them when fed, which makes this one of the most sought-after Norwegian Encore activities.

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4.Enjoy visual simulations at the Galaxy Pavilion

The Galaxy pavilion onboard the Norwegian Encore is a place that almost all passengers and guests beat a path to at any given time of day. This venue offers multiple opportunities to indulge in virtual-reality-based experiences, such as the escape room mentioned above, along with simulated rides, and more. It is a place guests must visit to experience one of the best things to do on the Norwegian Encore.

5. Behold Broadway-worthy shows

For the more theatrically inclined, the Norwegian Encore hosts several shows, which keep you entertained and engaged throughout the shows.

Key Takeaways

Now, while the above activities and experiences can comprise some of our favorite things to do on the Norwegian Encore , they are by no means the only ones, for passengers and guests coming on board will be privy to many more such activities and experiences as the days go by. Visit to check out what’s available, and book your cabin.

Header Image by Kapa65 at Pixabay

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