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Things to do on the Norwegian Dawn

Make your vacation onboard the Norwegian Dawn extra special by experiencing our 5 favorite things to do onboard.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A trip taken with family or friends is always a memorable experience. When people undertake that same experience onboard a cruise ship, the amount of fun they have is amplified. While on a cruise, they will experience different cities and cultures. But, also the host of amenities that every cruise ship offers on board adds to the whole experience. So, to make your journey even special and more interesting, you can refer to this list of things to do on the Norwegian Dawn.

Top 5 Things to do onboard Norwegian Dawn

1. Passengers, start your engines (onboard go-kart racing)

The Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship offers a unique facility in the form of onboard racing. Yes, the ship allows its passengers and guests to indulge in go-kart racing on board, which makes for an engaging display of healthy competition between the guests as they try their best to outdo each other on the race track that is well-marked on the ship. This experience can be counted as being one of the best things to do on the Norwegian Dawn because of its uniqueness as well as the amount of fun to be had by indulging in the same.

2. Take a chance in the NCL Casino

Passengers who enjoy taking a chance on Lady Luck, hoping she bestows her favor on them, can also take advantage of the ship’s Casino, which has within its gilded doors a charming selection of games like Caribbean stud poker, let it ride, blackjack, roulette, and more. Irrespective of the level of expertise guests might have before enjoying themselves here; the experience is an enjoyable one for everyone as everybody has a good time, which makes this one of the go-to activities on the Norwegian Dawn.

3. Live it up at the Bliss Ultra Lounge

The Bliss Ultra Lounge aboard the Norwegian Dawn is a beautifully decorated, tastefully furnished, and elegantly designed place that offers a venue for good food, good music, and lots of dancing for the so-inclined. Guests can come here at any time, such as in the afternoon, but most guests or passengers prefer hitting the lounge in the evenings. The lounge comes alive due to the lighting that puts everyone in a mood for partying, making for an amazing evening. Guests and passengers can also explore other such places on the ship like Sugarcane Mojito Bar, the Cellars, and more. Which is why heading to these places can be considered to be one of the things to do on the Norwegian Dawn.

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4. Pamper yourself at the Hair and Beauty Salon

Everyone needs a little pampering once in a while, and the Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship is no exception when it comes to providing guests with that experience. The ship has its parlor called the Hair and Beauty Salon, where passengers and guests can style their hair for a special evening. This experience makes the passengers and guests feel quite loved as the experience of having their hair tended is quite special.

5. Engage your sporty side on the Basketball or Volleyball courts

Guests inclined towards inherently physical activities can let their inner athletes out by playing on the Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship’s basketball or volleyball courts. Incidentally, these courts also make for great ice-breakers as similarly inclined people end up befriending each other. Playing on these courts can thus definitely be counted among the must-do activities on this Cruise Ship.

Final Words

These are highlights of the things to do on the Norwegian Dawn. However, there is so much more to experience onboard. To learn more about what you can expect on board and book your stateroom, head over to

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