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Best Beaches in Durban

If a trip to Africa is on your bucket list, you won’t want to miss the top 5 beaches in Durban.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Durban, also known as Port Natal is the largest seaport in South Africa. The place has an interesting history. In 1824, a group of traders led by Francis G. Farewell landed on the shore of Port Natal for the first time. During this period, local tribal kings were the undisputed rulers of Port Natal. British traders formed a Cape Colony and in 1835, the Governor of Cape Colony Sir Benjamin D’Urban established the seaport of Durban on the shore of the Indian Ocean. Since then, the place is referred to as Durban.

Durban is an enthralling place where you will find exotic beaches bordered by ridges of hills and lush forests. Durban city is dotted generously with trees and sycamores. The city hosts numerous botanical gardens and orchid houses. Hundreds of tourists flock to these spots every year to enjoy the splendor of local flora.

A discussion of South Africa without the mention of its rich fauna is incomplete. Durban is proud to present you with a unique Snake Park where you can observe the most exotic and venomous snakes in the world. Durban is also famous for some exquisite bodies of water and views. Enjoy the must-visit beaches in Durban through the list given below.

Cruise to The Top Beaches in Durban

Make your trip unforgettable with a cruising expedition to the South African coastline. Durban is the ideal spot to stay on a luxurious cruise . You can also take a small detour to Mozambique, the harbor with warm waters of the Indian Ocean. You can also plan your trip to Cape Town based on the weather conditions. Reserve a boat to explore the nooks and corners of Durban.

Princess Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line, and MSC are the best cruise lines operating in and around Durban. All these cruise lines offer you the finest onboard amenities with numerous activities to do. You can take a plunge in the cold water of the onboard whirlpool, spend a romantic night in the cruise ship’s theater and enjoy a few rounds of water sports on the warm water of the Indian Ocean. A list of must-visit beaches in Durban will help you plan your trip accordingly. Without further ado, let us jump to the much-awaited section on the top 5 beaches in Durban.

Durban welcomes you with the warm water of the Indian Ocean and extremely pleasant weather conditions. Your stay in Durban will be filled with glorious warm weather and sandy shores making your vacation the most memorable few days of your life. Let us now find out the details of the top 5 beaches in Durban.

1. Witness the Romantic Sunset from Umhlanga Pier

Umhlanga beach, commonly known as Umhlanga Rocks has one of the most elegant sea beaches in Durban. The main attraction of this beach is the Umhlanga pier. Constructed after the anatomy of whalebone, the pier has earned a reputation as one of the most beautiful 20 piers in the world, published by CNN.

The beach offers you golden sand that creates the perfect contrast with the blue water of the Indian Ocean. However, the sunset view from the pier is unparalleled. Witness the most magnificent twilight of your life on the beautiful Umhlanga pier.

2. Get Adventurous on the North Beach

North Beach is a hip and, happening beach, bustling with a happy crowd busy doing fun activities. The calm water of the beach encourages surfers and swimmers to take a plunge into the ocean. The place is famous for scuba diving as well. If you like water sports and want to spend a day full of adventure, do not miss out on the North Beach.

The beach has jogging tracks and a cycling route that confer a unique look to it.

3. Discover the Hidden Gem of Ansteys Beach

Located in South Durban, Ansteys beach is often referred to as the ‘hidden gem’ of Durban. The pastoral touch makes Ansteys beach extremely unique. There are numerous shallow water areas on the beach, ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

If you are looking forward to spending a lazy vacation, enjoying every moment of it under the sun, Ansteys beach is for you. Painted with a rustic texture, affordable accommodation, and various fun activities to do, Ansteys could be your dream destination in Durban.

4. Observe the Exotic Marine Life at Tiger Rocks Beach

Tiger Rocks Beach is a remote beach in south Durban that offers you the rare opportunity to enjoy the famous sardine run. The beach has multiple water holes where you can observe the exotic South African marine life. These tidal pools, teeming with fish, draw a large number of fishermen. You can also join them in fishing activities.

The beach has earned its name from a cliff nearby. If you take a stroll down this beach in the late afternoon, you will find fishermen engrossed in their daily work. Since the place is less-explored, you will enjoy a day of grand seclusion on Tiger Rocks Beach.

5. Take a Photo of the Diverging Whales on Umdloti Beach

Umdloti Beach is situated in north Durban, further away from the bustling beaches. This secluded beach is perfect for a few days of introspection by the sea. The cliffs and ridges around the beach shape the ocean into small lagoons. You can enjoy swimming in these lagoons.

If you visit Umdloti from July to November, you will have a high chance to come across groups of whales and dolphins near the shore. To capture the exquisite marine life of Umdloti, hit the beach early morning.

Get Ready for a Thrilling Vacation

Your vacation on the top 5 beaches in Durban will be an experience of a lifetime. The exotic beaches offer you scenic beauty beyond comparison. Furthermore, the warm water of the Indian Ocean and favorable weather conditions in Durban will make your trip extremely enjoyable.

Choose to stay on a cruise ship while you enjoy your sun tanning sessions on the best beaches in Durban. There are multiple cruise lines operating in this region and offer you amazing services on board. Go to and reserve your spot at an affordable price.

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