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Liberty of the Seas
Liberty of the Seas

Does Liberty of the Seas have a pool?

The Liberty of the Seas has a refreshing pool for entertainment and relaxation.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you're considering cruising Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas, you might wonder, "Does Liberty of the Seas have a pool?" The answer is yes, however, there is more than one pool. This incredible cruise ship has many pool and water attractions for every age and taste.

Pools are available on the Liberty of the Seas

1. The Main Pool Deck

Deck 11 of the Liberty of the Seas features an exclusive main pool deck. The primary pool area is located in the ship's center. It has a huge pool with plenty of space for swimming and sunbathing. The pool is surrounded by large hot tubs, allowing you to relax and soak in warm, bubble bliss. The pool area even features a large movie screen, ideal for watching a movie while relaxing in the water.

A noteworthy feature of this pool is the broad, shallow ledge intended for relaxing in the water with your favorite beverage. If you want live entertainment, there's a small stage where artists perform, and the cruise director's team keeps the passengers entertained with games and activities. There are also multiple cascading deck tiers with lounge chairs, some of which are allocated exclusively for suite guests, making it reasonably easy to find a peaceful area.

2. Pool Retreat

For visitors seeking a more calm and adult-oriented experience, the Liberty of the Seas includes an adult-only pool area in the front. This tranquil section is designated for guests 16 and above, providing relief from the hustle and action of the main pool deck. Like the main pool, it has a reclining ledge and a bridge that spans its width, giving shade to those enjoying the water.

3. Solarium

The Liberty of the Seas has more than two pools. Two half-moon-shaped hot baths may be inside the ship's Solarium, draping over the vessel's edges. This region also has porch swings, which are in high demand. Due to the lack of ocean wind, the Solarium is surrounded by glass, generating a slightly warmer atmosphere than the other pool areas. However, it provides a tranquil, child-free area where you can relax for hours.

4. Pool for kids

Families traveling with children will appreciate the kids' pool. It is ideal for children who are too young for some of the ship's more adventurous water features. This pool has a dump bucket, two slides (with height restrictions), water cannons, and splashing zones, among other water play activities. If your children are younger, the Liberty of the Seas Splashaway Bay is adjacent and has even more entertaining water elements.

5. FlowRider, sports, and more

The Liberty of the Seas has a FlowRider surf simulator for individuals looking for fun outside of the ocean. It's a terrific way to enjoy surfing without braving the vast ocean. If you want to enhance your surfing talents, you may also take lessons for a fee. The sports court and the Liberty of the Seas rock-climbing wall are in the same region. Check the Cruise Compass for game schedules and open times for these activities.

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The Liberty of the Seas provides a variety of pool and water-related experiences to meet the varying needs of its passengers. There's something for everyone to enjoy, from the vibrant main pool deck with its enormous pool, hot tubs, and entertainment options to the tranquil adult-only pool area for those wishing to escape the crowd and the family-friendly kids' pool with its fascinating water features. But the underwater adventures continue beyond there. 

With the advent of exhilarating water slides such as the Tidal Wave, Cyclone, and Typhoon, people will have plenty of alternatives to get their hearts racing. Meanwhile, the FlowRider surf simulator, sports court, and rock-climbing wall offer alternatives to swimming.

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