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Where does Jewel of the Seas cruise to?

On Jewel of the Seas Cruises, visit fantasy locations. Reserve your vacation now!

By Cruise Booking Team

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The Jewel of the Seas is one of the most well-liked cruise ships, and it offers a unique way to travel the world. With breathtaking global itineraries, this Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship has been enchanting travelers for years. We'll take you on a virtual tour of the amazing places that Jewel of the Seas visits in our blog, making it an unforgettable experience for tourists of all types.

Jewel of the Seas Cruise Goes to Below Places

1. Eastern Caribbean

Among the several itineraries that Jewel of the Seas provides, the Eastern Caribbean is one of the most popular. This trip will take you to charming islands like St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, departing from sunny ports like Miami. Enjoy the sun on gorgeous beaches, see old forts, and experience the distinct customs and cuisine of each island.

2. Western Caribbean

The Western Caribbean itinerary is the ideal choice for individuals who crave nature and adventure. The Jewel of the Seas travels to places including Cozumel, Belize, and Honduras after departing from Tampa, Florida. The Western Caribbean offers breathtakingly beautiful jungles and world-class diving locations, promising amazing holiday experiences for everyone.

3. Alaska: Last Frontier

Alaska cruises should be on your bucket list if you love the outdoors. From Seward or Vancouver, Jewel of the Seas sets off on this breathtaking tour, which passes through tranquil fjords, glaciers, and wildlife-rich environments. One of the most enthralling cruise itineraries in the world, witness breaching whales, towering icebergs, and the Northern Lights.

4. Mediterranean Wonders

The history, the arts, and the culture of the Mediterranean are richly diverse. On its voyage through this area, the Jewel of the Seas stops at renowned cities, including Barcelona, Rome, and Athens. The Mediterranean Cruise provides the ideal balance of action and culture for the discriminating traveler with its rich history and magnificent vistas.

5. Baltic Melody

Jewel of the Seas provides a Baltic cruise for people who are interested in Northern Europe. This route departs from Copenhagen, Denmark, and travels to Tallinn, Estonia, Stockholm, Sweden, and St. Petersburg, Russia. Explore medieval ancient towns, take in the splendor of the Hermitage Museum, and take in the breathtaking architecture of the area.

6. Transatlantic Crossings

On Jewel of the Seas, savor the romanticism of a transatlantic cruise. As you travel from Europe to the Caribbean or vice versa, these cruises provide a singular chance to relax and enjoy the open sea. You can fully enjoy the onboard facilities because the voyage is more relaxed.

7. Paradise in the South Pacific

Jewel of the Seas cruises the South Pacific's picturesque islands out of Australia and New Zealand. Among the possible locations are Fiji, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia. You may snorkel in the clearest seas, discover the customs of the local people, and unwind on some of the most stunning beaches in the world.

8. Treasures of the Pacific

Additionally, Jewel of the Seas provides transoceanic trips that link North America and Asia. These travels provide a rare chance to go to Japan, China, or Southeast Asia after first exploring the Hawaiian Islands like Oahu and Maui. A really unforgettable encounter is the blending of cultures and scenery.

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The Jewel of the Seas provides a broad variety of exciting cruise itineraries, whether you're looking for sand and surf in the Caribbean, cultural enrichment in Europe, or wildlife excursions in Alaska. Your trip will be the adventure of a lifetime, thanks to the Royal Caribbean ship's access to some of the most breathtaking places on earth. Don't pass up the chance to set off on a wonderful voyage with Jewel of the Seas and see the world's wonders one port at a time.

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