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Must-pack items for the South Pacific cruise

Missing out on packing some of the essentials for your trip to South Pacific? Here is a list of must-pack items for the South Pacific cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Its turquoise waters, picture-perfect tropical islands, and sunshine make South Pacific one of the world's favorite cruise destinations. However, packing for a south pacific cruise trip is not easy and might require some planning. You can spoil your vacation if you miss out on the must-pack items for a South Pacific cruises. Be it sunburn, camera battery running out at the best moment, or mismatched outfits, it doesn't take much to turn a good time into an unhappy one. Ensure that you have these top South Pacific Cruise packing list items to avoid these situations:

Top 5 must-pack items for the South Pacific cruise 

1. Clothing

Let's start with the most significant item in your luggage, the clothes. Lightweight clothing that is loose and comfortable is the key to packing for South Pacific. While cruising, it's best to stick to cotton so you won't have to iron them and you can tumble dry them. Cotton is also very breathable, so it is great for tropical weather. Packing swimsuits is one of the important items to carry for the South Pacific cruise. You can also add a couple of swimsuit cover-ups to lounge around the beach comfortably. Regardless of gender, a tropical print piece of clothing pairs perfectly with a colorful cocktail or an ice-cold beer on the beach. Don't forget to include beach hats in your must-pack items for the South Pacific cruise list to protect yourself from the sun.

While onboard the ship, you should have a few long dresses or formal shirts and ties with you. Although the casual dining options on your ship will be plenty, there may be a dress code for the more high-end restaurants. Even though it is mostly warm throughout the year, it can sometimes get chilly in the evening so it is wise to have some jeans jackets or woolens to keep you warm.

2. Shoes

For a South Pacific cruises, bringing three pairs of shoes will be perfect - a pair of comfortable sneakers for hiking and going to the gym, a pair of sandals for spending the day at the beach, and a pair of flats for walking around the ship or having a classy yet subtle outfit for dinner.  A pair of comfortable and cool shoes is a must-pack item for the South Pacific cruise.

3. Sun protection

Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen with you since the sun in South Pacific is really strong. Sunglasses with UV protection are extremely useful. If you have a pair of good sunglasses, then you will enjoy birdwatching and hiking more. Provided that the weather cooperates, you'll have plenty of time to spend in the sun. The South Pacific sun is extremely hot, and sun protection is a must-pack item for a South Pacific cruise. So, pack sunscreen, a sun hat, sunglasses, and a cover-up to avoid the sun's damaging effects.

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4. Electronics

Ensure you have a camera that is of good quality as you create memories. While snorkeling in South Pacific, get an underwater camera so you can capture the beauty of the reefs. Don't forget to pack extra batteries or chargers. A power adapter will guarantee you can use your electronics with your room's power source. Furthermore, it is a good idea to bring a portable power bank with you to keep your multiple gadgets charged. These electronics are some of the important items to carry for the South Pacific cruise.

5. Snorkel

You cannot miss out on snorkeling when in the South Pacific. Make sure you include your snorkel gear in the South Pacific cruise packing list items. It is always more cost-effective and hygienic to bring your own snorkel gear rather than hiring or buying them.

What more do you need to know before packing for your South Pacific cruise trip?

Travel packing lists may vary depending on where and when you go. The key is to work out what activities you'll be doing and pack accordingly. In addition to the things mentioned above, don't forget to include some basic medicines like paracetamols and motion sickness tablets in your must-pack items for the South Pacific cruise list. As you relax at the beach or by the pool, you can also bring some books or games to keep yourself occupied. Keep this list of important items to carry for the South Pacific cruise when packing your luggage and you will be good to go.

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