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Maupiti Island
Maupiti Island

Top 5 Things to do in Maupiti Island, French Polynesia

Planning a cruise to French Polynesia? Read the top 5 things to do in Maupiti Island, French Polynesia.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The Leeward Islands' Maupiti is the smallest and least populous. There are many fun-filled activities that tourists can do during their stay at the island. The island's pristine nature makes it easier to learn about the native flora and animals. To make the most of your visit, you still need to know the finest things to do in Maupiti. Let's discover the top 5 things to do on Maupiti Island, French Polynesia in this article.

Top 5 Things to do on Maupiti Island, French Polynesia

1. Climbing Mount Teurafaatiu

On French Polynesia's high islands, the mountains and lagoons are equally beautiful. Travelers from all over the world are enthralled by their color. They are both entrancing and enigmatic. Few, nevertheless, can claim to provide a panorama as breathtaking as that provided by Mount Teurafaatiu. It's true that trekking in Maupiti may be rather taxing, particularly on the final section to the peak. Still, it's worthwhile. The lake is seen in all its glory. In clear weather conditions, one can even witness the adjacent island of Bora-Bora.

2. Diving at the Manta Ray Station

The island of Maupiti is unique as it features what is referred to as a cleaning station in its lagoon. The manta rays soar over the coral sponges every day to help the nearby tiny fish get rid of their parasites. Diving in Maupiti is at the lagoon's bottom. One of the most elegant fish, manta rays perform an incredible underwater ballet. In the presence of a diving instructor, you will experience this amazing adventure. Divers who are interested in Maupiti's attractions can find something to pique their interest here.

3. Walking across the lagoon to the Motu Auira

It is easy to walk from the main island to several motus because of the lagoon's shallow depth. An adult of average stature will be knee-deep in water during low tide. As a result, tourists stroll for several hundred meters along the sandbanks. Being by yourself in the lagoon's center is an unusual experience. It's magnificent to see the mountains and the water simultaneously. The greatest beach in Maupiti is Tereia Beach, where the adventure may be enjoyed. It takes 30 minutes to cross to the motu Auira, which is in front of it. You will encounter various fish, rays, and occasionally even black tip sharks along the journey. This aquatic life is completely safe and adds to the wonder.

4. Hiking around the island

Going all the way around a beautiful island where nature and humans coexist in harmony. This expedition is doable on Maupiti within a few hours. In fact, everyone may stroll on the island regardless of age or physical condition due to its modest size. You'll find a wild environment. Numerous interesting locations may be seen along the trip, including the Maupiti ancient power's archaeological relics. Recognizing the ancient animal carvings on the holy stones will also be enjoyable. The stroll will provide a chance to learn about the bustling hamlet of Vaiea and its way of life.

5. Snorkeling in the Maupiti Lagoon

Drift snorkeling is fun for people who are more active. Tourists may encounter the tropical fish of all colors. Basic snorkeling gear and some expertise are needed for this adventure. The ideal location in Maupiti is close to the motu Pae'ao on the northern part of the island. In a short, shallow waterway, you may drift for more than 500 meters. Additionally, the circumstances are perfect for observation. Consequently, it is a great substitute for scuba diving.

Key takeaway

Discover the greatest activities in Maupiti and the other islands of the archipelago as you continue your French Polynesian journey. Take your journey further with activities like leisurely kayaking in the lagoon or deep-sea fishing expeditions. To learn more about activities that could be appropriate for you, get in touch with us at

Header Image by Irina Beloglazova at Freepik

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