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It's time for Virgin Voyages to shake up the cruise industry like never before. Virgin Voyages offers a blend of luxury, hedonism, wellness, and conservation on their ships, dubbed Rebellious Luxe - a concept sure to impress anyone with a zest for life. Onboard a Virgin Voyages ship and see just how exciting a cruise can be, with casinos, bars, clubs, and boozy brunches, as well as itineraries covering the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Explore a new destination or return to a favorite. Virgin Voyages offers a profound discovery of self wherever you sail.

There are so many destinations you can visit on a Virgin Voyages cruise, so what are the best ones? The following are some of Virgin Voyages Cruise Line's trending cruise destinations.

Trending Virgin Voyages Cruise Destinations

The company specializes in Caribbean getaways with the Scarlet Lady, Virgin Voyages' flagship vessel. If you're looking for a Mediterranean adventure, consider the Valiant Lady, Virgin Voyage's second ship sailing along France, Italy, and Spain. There is always a stopover in Ibiza during these Mediterranean cruises. Keep reading to find out more about destinations.

There are so many destinations you can visit on a Viking Ocean cruise, so what are the best ones? The following are some of Viking Ocean Cruise Line's trending cruise destinations.

1. Caribbean

The Caribbean is a new perceptive destination with warm breezes and relaxed culture. Our journey begins in Miami with a sailing trip to the Puerto Plata waterfalls. Explore ancient ruins in Costa Maya or enjoy a sunset in Key West. Their cruise destinations and shore excursions cover everything from the marine bioluminescence of San Juan to the stunning coral reefs of Cozumel.

2. Mediterranean

Take advantage of our Barcelona homeport to discover beautiful places like Monte Carlo, Ajaccio, Toulon, and Marseille in France or Palma de Mallorca and Málaga in Spain. Sailors will explore Tuscany on super yacht itineraries or visit Olbia and Cagliari on Italy's Sardinian island. All itineraries spend an extended night in Ibiza for ample exploration time, regardless of the cruise destination. Think of the long twilight hours.

3. South Pacific

Take a cruise from Melbourne or Auckland and discover nature in its purest form. From Tasmania's capital of Hobart, you can now gaze into the glimmering orb above Hobart, and from Sydney and Tauranga, you can watch the sunrise.

4. Australia and New Zealand

Travel between the North and South Islands of New Zealand and the last lands of eastern Australia. You'll be able to explore the southern hemisphere's most captivating cities, the unusual wildlife roaming these remote shorelines, and the epic geological drama that unfolds over land you can only find at the very bottom of the world with new homeports out of Melbourne and Auckland.

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Plan a voyage with Virgin Voyages and sail with us. If you're interested in learning more about them and their travel places, contact us or scroll around the itineraries for your dream voyage. 

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