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Virgin Voyages offers a one-of-a-kind sea voyage experience for travelers. When sailing on a Virgin Voyages cruise ship, you do not just travel from one destination to another; you do it in the lap of luxury and comfort. The Virgin Voyages cruise ships don’t allow guests under the age of 18. The ships from Virgin Cruise Line offer an experience on the sea which is unique and unmatched.

Refresh Yourself on Board Virgin Voyages Cruise Ships

A trip on Virgin Voyages is a mix of enigma and fantasy. Every Virgin Voyages cruise ship review will only support that statement. If you scan through these customer experiences, you will get an idea of the world-class service that awaits you.

Virgin Voyages cruise ship list is given below:

The Virgin Voyages Cruise Line will be adding Resilient Lady and Brilliant Lady to their fleet. Each Cruise ship has a huge capacity and can carry up to 2700 passengers.

1. Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship – Destinations

Virgin Voyages cruise ships cover destinations in Europe, the Caribbean, South Pacific, and Transatlantic voyages, which include selected ports from all around the world. You can cover destinations like Dubai, Alexandria, Mumbai, Goa, Singapore, Phuket, Piraeus, and Sydney in a single vacation. Additionally, the itinerary can be customized as per the guests’ choice.

2. Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship – Dining

There are around 20-plus eateries atop the Virgin Voyage cruise ship. You can grab a bite at any time of the day or night, from a Korean BBQ restaurant or a steakhouse. The bar also has an amazing range of alcoholic beverages, and the bartenders can make the best concoctions for you while you are sailing the majestic seas. So which restaurants should you try out? The Wake, which offers the best steak and seafood, is worth a shot, and then there’s the Pink Agave, which has the best of Mexican gastronomy.

3. Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship – Activities

Air hockey, shuffleboard, football, and many boards and card games, including a high-stakes poker table, are some of the ways you can amuse yourself while sailing, which tops the list of Virgin Voyages cruise ship experiences. If you are not in the mood for playing, you can take your glass of champagne and rest in the pool on a flotilla till the sun sets. Of course, there’s food to satisfy your soul. But if you crave more, then there are some thrilling musical performances in store. You can also indulge in some dancing, if you want to.

4. Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship – Health and Fitness

If you can’t spend a day without exercising, then you can sweat it out in the gym as per your requirement. Of course, the high-end gym consists of every possible gym gear that you can think of. But if you prefer yoga, pilates, or any form of HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training) then those facilities are also available on the cruise. You can also try out the Spin Studio and cardio training. After your exercise routine, you can chill out at the Redemption Spa.

5. Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship – Amenities

You will get an abundance of facilities and services while you are sailing on the Virgin Cruise Ships. All gratuities are covered in the amenities. This means you get Wi-Fi, staple beverages, and unlimited group fitness classes, all for free. The ticket cost covers all these small necessities that will make your journey more comfortable and luxurious.

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A plethora of new experiences awaits you at the Virgin Voyages cruise ship. So, without further ado, head over to Here, you will find all the ship-related details and can easily book your tickets.

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