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Resilient Lady

As an ode to strength and collective resilience of our community over the past few years, we've coined our third ship, "Resilient Lady". Setting sail from her homeport of Piraeus (Athens), Greece in 2023 - she'll be spending her winters in both the Caribbean and down in Australia.

  • Size super
  • Style Luxury
  • Type ocean
  • Year of launch 2022
  • Gross tonnage 110000t
  • Length 278.0m
  • Width 38.0m
  • Speed 22kts
  • Decks 17
  • Language English (British)
  • Currency US Dollar ($)
  • No. of passengers 2770
  • No. of crew 1150
  • No. of cabins 1430
Unique Features
The Vitamin Sea ethos focuses on well-being that delivers rejuvenation and transformation for all sailors. Our entire voyage employs° elements of both detox and retox, depending on how a sailor might want to curate their time. We embrace self-care while feeding our mischievous° curiosities at the same time, recognizing that a complete experience makes room for both.
Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Vitamin Sea.jpg
We've already taken care of taking care of the crew. So, don't worry, the tips are on us.
Designated areas only
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Modern, yacht-inspired aesthetic and clever cabin technology make for more than just a space to live (or sleep). The cabins and suites are a hero experience, a signature moment, places to escape and retreat from the world; that sweet moment of exhale. They are...cozy, stylish, modern and smart. This is sailing the Virgin way.

Let’s talk Quarters. (Suites)

RockStar Quarters are where superyachts meet luxury cruises along with rock and roll royalty. Accents of brass and slabs of marble guide you to spacious stargazing terraces, and every detail of these suites serves to celebrate the romance of the open ocean. The suites were conceptualized by world-renowned designer, Tom Dixon - describing Grace Jones as the muse for these gorgeous suites.

Richard's Rooftop

Booking a suite unlocks access to Richard's Rooftop; an exclusive sun deck where elegance meets exuberance. A lavish, elaborate and members-only outdoor space for RockStar Quarters Sailors to bask under the sun or have a drink under the stars. Think VIP Rockstar service, chilled vibes, cool tunes, sophisticated loungers and being surrounded by dichroic glass casting stunning rainbow reflections through the rooftop.

Let's talk Cabins.

The ultimate go-to for rejuvenation, the cabins stand out for their flexible furnishings, upgraded bathrooms with Roomy Rainshowers and sensory mood lighting, creating comfy quarters that are way more than just a place to crash. The Lady Ships offer the most lavish, and unique, beds at sea. The Seabed re-imagines the cruise cabin experience. Your cabin, your way. The cabins are custom-created to accommodate the Seabed, the first-ever transformational cabin bed at sea. Award-winning Walter Knoll, who’s designed thoughtful and sustainable furniture for over 150 years, is responsible for specially engineering and handcrafting our transformative Seabed in Germany. Sailors can enjoy their cabin in two distinct ways, as a place to revel or a place to relax. A luxurious loungey space transforms into an expansive bedroom with a queen size bed in one swift movement. The transformation can be executed by the sailor or by one of our crew. 


Food glorious food.

Michelin-starred chef collective creates incredible onboard dining experiences. Virgin Voyages have ditched buffets and pre-set dining times to bring Sailors made-to-order food and leisurely brunches from our 20+ unique eateries. All the food is included - meaning no exclusive spots they have to pay to get into.

Eat your heart out.

Pairing fresh ingredients and vibrant flavors with ever-evolving ways to experience food, we’ve elevated and diversified our menus while minimizing waste by only cooking what’s been ordered. It’s a win for their stomach and a win for the planet.

Here’s a taste of what to expect from our foodie-approved eateries.

20+ Eateries On Us - From steakhouses and Korean BBQ to a cooking lab and an international food market, all eateries are on us.

No Buffets or Big Dining Halls - With unique spaces and diverse options, we’ve ditched the one-big-dining-hall experience and said goodbye to buffets.

Late-Night Bites - Whether you're craving a slice of pizza, a burger, or a hearty diner breakfast - your schedule doesn’t stop, so neither will ours.

Made-To-Order - Every eatery has its own kitchen and an executive chef - and all our food is fresh and made-to-order, never mass produced.

Fresh Is Best - Balance is key, so we offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options in every eatery - designed from scratch and always created from the freshest ingredients.

Michelin-Starred Chefs - World-class Chefs like Brad Farmerie (of PUBLIC in NYC) and Sohui Kim (of The Good Fork and Insa in NYC) are a few of the names behind our incredible menus.


Unexpect the Expected

Swapping classic Broadway productions for exhilarating, contemporary and immersive entertainment, Sailors have the opportunity to choose from a festival-like lineup of shows and happenings developed by the world’s most-talked-about producers, directors, choreographers and artists. From modern takes on classic stories, to interactive dance parties and off-the wall participatory acts, the bespoke intimate and authentic experiences will push the boundaries of traditional stage performances.

  • Creative Collective - Comprised of innovative, award winning, producers, directors, choreographers and artists, Virgin Voyages' Creative Collective is putting on first-to-sea (and land!) shows.
  • Immersive Experiences - Never-before-seen stage productions that break the fourth wall and blur the line between audience and performer.
  • Serendipity All Around - Phantom Folktales - song based mini plays throughout the ship, that appear out of thin air, and then disappear just as quickly. Unexpected pop up performances created by PigPen Theatre Co.
  • Scarlet Night - Wear a splash of red and get ready for the dreamiest, most surprising, and heart-stirring event at sea.

Health and fitness

Wellness is Personal.

Expect a Virgin-style makeover to cruise spa & fitness programming. Whether Sailors are into high-intensity workouts, deep breaths in search of nirvana, or if they are that person who pays for a gym membership but never uses it – Virgin Voyages provide spaces to care for themselves in whichever way works best for them. For the 'do nothings,' 'do some things' and the 'do literally everythings' we have a way to sweat that suits everyone. From sunrise yoga to outdoor boxing, meditation to HIIT workouts, and even specifically curated hikes at our ports, our approach to working out is that it works for our Sailors.

Redeem Yourself.

The wellness and personal style spaces onboard provide a proper dose of Vitamin Sea to leave Sailors totally restored and ready for anything and everything. If vacation for Sailors isn't complete without the ultimate form of self care, the award winning spa will be their second home. From massages so good they'll question life itself, to a mud room that will revilatalize their soul and body, it's called Redemption for a reason. 

Kids and Teens

Exclusively adult. No kids, no kidding.

But your inner child is highly encouraged to come along.


There are some experiences you only dream about and there are those you didn’t know you needed — until they’re right in front of you. Our Shore Things are the perfect balance of both.

You can book Shore Things and view their details, duration, and prices on the Sailor App by visiting the Discover tab, chatting with us online, or by calling Sailor Services.

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