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Entertainment on the Resilient Lady Cruise Ship

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Unexpect the Expected

Replacing classic Broadway productions with exciting, contemporary and immersive entertainment, sailors will have the opportunity to choose from festival-like shows and happenings created by some of the world's most talked-about producers, directors, choreographers and artists. From contemporary interpretations of classic stories to interactive dance her parties and quirky hands-on acts, bespoke, intimate and authentic experiences push the boundaries of traditional stage performances.

The Manor

Alluring Nightclub

Named after Richard's first recording studio, this stunning two-level bar space is inspired by the coolest clubs in the world and layered with a moody, sexy '70s punk vibe. The Manor hosts a ground-breaking immersive culinary entertainment experience (coming soon) to start the night before transforming into his nightclub for an inspiring early morning farewell workout.

The Red Room

Live Performance Space

The Red Room has a lot of special things. This is the first Transformation Theater at sea with multiple modes that allow for a variety of unique and immersive experiences.

Proscenium Mode: The most common theater arrangement where the crew is within 50 feet of the stage.

Alley Stage: Sailors face each other with the action separating them.

Flat Floor: Sailors in the middle of the action, shows everywhere and direct access to the bar.

The Groupie

Private Karaoke

No night out is complete without serious karaoke. Virgin Voyages has put their own interpretation on the traditional Krue's karaoke by designing his korean-style karaoke room. Bold and vibrant spaces help sailors have fun with a ferocious energy. With a selection of songs spanning decades and genres, these pre-bookable private sessions pick your favorite tracks, sing your voice warmly, invite your friends and prepare for a memorable private dance and song battle. must be arranged. There are 3 private rooms for friends (or strangers) to book and enjoy together.

Voyage Vinyl

Record Shop

The story of Virgin Voyages is so deeply rooted in music that its sonic identity culminates in the ship's record store. Voyagers can immerse themselves in sound at Voyage Vinyl, a maritime record shop. Equipped with music magazines, headphones and turntables, Sailors can head to Listening His Station, stacked with a selection of his classic and latest albums, including special and limited editions.

The Social Club

Arcade & Gaming Area

The Social Club is the perfect meeting place for the young at heart. Social Club's Complete Retro Arcade pays homage to childhood epic video games of yesteryear, including Pac-Man, Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and many other classic arcade games. Sailors can also play classic games such as air hockey, bartop shuffleboard, foosball and board games. Yep - as you can imagine, it's all included. The Social Club also includes the Social Club Diner, where sailors can enjoy old-fashioned carnival snacks, and the laid-back, nautical-themed Beach His Drink, The Ruth's Cannon. The inner child can release stress here.

The Casino

Gaming & Lounge

Inspired by the sleek futuristic elements of James Bond and the glamorous technicolor of the 70s, the casino has something for everyone. Sailor has different experience areas: Tournament, Ocean, Adventure, and Asia. Each zone offers themed games, from traditional slots to table games such as blackjack, craps and roulette. But if you're not a gambler, grab a drink at the Casino Bar and let the dealers show you how to play on port days so you can gamble with confidence while on the high seas.

The Dock Bar

The Dock Bar outside offers the same drink list as the Dock House Bar, where the show is headlined by a premium rosé program. That's not all. When the sea breeze isn't enough, we offer a variety of sparkling cocktails and spritzers. Reimagine the siesta and move the ZZZ from your stateroom to your shady (or sun-facing) lounge.

Richard's Rooftop

Reserving a Suite unlocks access to Richard's Rooftop. An exclusive deck with vibrant elegance. A spacious, artistic, members-only outdoor space where you can enjoy star gazing parties and pre-dinner cocktails with The Rock and his star pals.

Sip Lounge

Our carefully selected Champagne Lounge SIP is designed to meet all your Champagne and Caviar needs. From afternoon tea menus to frothy nightcaps, come here whenever you want a classic cocktail or sparkling drink in a frothy glass.

Grounds Club

it's early You're still a little dazed and all you can focus on right now is coffee. Luckily, The Grounds Club is not far away, pouring exclusively from direct deal pioneers Intellicia Coffee, the most satisfying and flavorful beers you'll ever taste. increase. You can start your morning like your favorite coffee shop with the best almond milk, double shots and lattes with ocean views.

Draught Haus

A favorite with picky beer lovers, Draft Haus offers eight seasonal styles on tap and a range of artisanal bottles. Part British pub, part modern craft brewery-inspired taproom, this eclectic spot where you can sit down for a sip or grab a growler on a Bring your Brew With You day there are a lot of. Tested by chilled, casual but demanding beer lovers.

On the Rocks

Focused on aged spirits (hence the name) poured over ice, the onboard mixology bar is the perfect place for bold choices with a twist. Or mix it for real and challenge the mixologist to prepare something truly special. Forget the menu, just tell the bartender what flavors you like. Please see the one and only gem that appears in front of you. Start or end your evening with a cocktail perfectly curated for you.

The Loose Canon

Inspired by seaside bars in Brighton, UK, an opening gun salute signals the singing of an old sea shanty which can be heard far and wide. This salty sea dog, nautically-themed bar boasts live music and animated processions with equally spirited bar keeps - ready to ignite a hearty chant at a moment's notice.

Onboard Shopping

More information coming soon.

Phantom Folktales

Created in collaboration with PigPen Theater Co. Phantom Folktales is a collection of song-driven micro plays throughout the ship that seemingly appear out of thin air, and disappear just as quickly.
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