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Find cruises from Baltimore, Maryland and get the amazing cruise trips to plan your holidays to beautiful destinations with family or friends.

Baltimore, Maryland Cruises

Baltimore cruises are an excellent way for individuals to visit Canada, New England, the Bahamas, or the eastern Caribbean. This port City will do its best to entertain you with fantastic entertainment, delicious smoked meats and seafood, and intriguing history that beckons to be explored.

Highlights of Baltimore

Baltimore was the site of an important battle during the War of 1812. It thus was not only a city with a rich history but also a city with a rich heritage.Some of the favoriteswhich you might love to experience around Baltimore, Maryland, are highlighted in the following list:


Berger Cookies, crab cakes, and pit beef are a must-try when visiting Baltimore. Pasta, tiramisu, and cannoli are some of the treats available at Little Italy's trattorias. At the same time, National Bohemian Beer, affectionately called Natty Boh, is the state brew. Nearly 100 vendors at Lexington Market serve raw bar fare, sandwiches, and the famous Berger cookie.


During your cruise, get souvenirs and more at the Harborplace festival marketplace. You will find old-fashioned retailers line Mount Vernon's Antique Row. For records, books, and trendy clothing, visit the streets of Fells Point's Thames Street and Hampden's Hampden — or browse the indie stores in Hampden.


Besides Fort McHenry, the American national anthem is named after the Star-Spangled Banner. Its Inner Harbor houses the Civil War-era warship USS Constellation, one of the city's cultural attractions. Baltimore is home to the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum and his final resting place if you are a fan of American literature.

Musical and Literary Culture

As a working-class town located in a state north of the Mason-Dixon Line, it has a blend of southern and northern traditions.You can learn about notable Baltimore celebrities, such as Billie Holiday and Cab Calloway, by going on cruises from Baltimore. Today, the jazz tradition is alive and well in the city, with musicians of all kinds contributing to its revival. Perhaps the "old school" jazz has left Baltimore's most enduring legacy, where several natives have succeeded in New York after immigrating to the city.

Interesting spots in Baltimore

The beauty of Baltimore's waterfront views, the people, and the National Aquarium will make you understand why it has earned the name "Charm City." Check out the historic ships for the maritime heritage of Baltimore that are out of this world. You will understand some famous baseball players' history, culture, and creative aspects at the Sports Legend Museum. Enjoy a relaxing ride on Baltimore's Water Taxies. Baltimore is full of charm and opportunities to find adventure.

The water Taxies

As America's oldest public water taxi service, the Baltimore Water Taxi has run for nearly 50 years. One can enjoy views from Federal Hill, Fell's Point, Locust Point, Canton, and Fort McHenry of Chesapeake Bay.

Sports Legends Museum

A museum dedicated to Maryland's storied sports history is Camden Yards. It is 22,000-sq.ft. The museum is housed in a historic train station. From Babe Ruth to Cal Ripken, you'll find exhibits and artifacts from Baltimore's sports legends. To explore even more about Babe Ruth, you can visit his birthplace and museum just minutes away.Babe Ruth's Birthplace and Museum has hosted baseball fans since 1974 and is a National Shrine to the Sultan of Swat. It offers a unique view of baseball's most excellent star. Guests will be able to relive the life and career of Baltimore's most celebrated baseball son through rare artifacts, audio, and video highlights.

Urban Pirates

An excursion with Urban Pirates is a great way to enjoy the waters. Playing the role of buccaneers and riding the high seas can be fun with your family. You may have a great time, but you won't want to overindulge. You will have the most thrilling experience in Baltimore when you attend this event. During your time on board The Fearless, you will learn how to be the best pirate you can be. In addition to costume and accessory options, non-permanent tattoos assist with the immersion. Your children may say that the Urban Pirates adventure is the best part of visiting Baltimore, and you might agree with them.

Touring Historic Ships

One of the best ways to understand Baltimore's maritime heritage is to visit the Historic Ships. An excursion to Historic Ships is an attractive option if you're looking for a way to fill your senses with wonder. There will be fun, and you'll better understandpreviously vague concepts. Inner Harbor of Baltimore offers a variety of fun attractions and things to do. Among them are four museums housed on ships. There are historic ships, including a 19th-century sloop-of-war and a WWII submarine you can see here. You can explore the Lighthouse at Seven Foot Knoll for more maritime education. Though vessels have significantly evolved, these ships should not be viewed as primitive but rather appreciate how much they contribute to our world and have shaped it. Today's ships may seem cutting-edge, but they will soon be considered quaint compared to what comes next.

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