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Cruises from Broome

Broome, Australia Cruises

Broome, Australia Cruises

Broome is located along the Indian Ocean Coastline. This long cable beach offers a dramatic backdrop for sunset camel rides. Broome has it all with a multicultural and tropical flair. It is perfect place for outdoor experiences, adventure, top-notch resorts, fishing, and more. Broome is a part of Western Australia with a unique and pristine waterside. This place is full of colors and natural phenomena. Don't miss the top attractions such as Rowley Shoals Marine Park, the Karijini National Park, Cable Beach, and many more.

Broome Highlights

Relax with a glass of sparkling flavored beer and observe the stunning Cable Beach sunset at the end of the day as you learn about the outback town's rich heritage and current colorful alfresco lifestyle. Take a look at the highlights and history of Broome.

1. Flavored Beers

Providing cooling drinks that were as refreshing as they were revitalizing, Broome is the home of some of Western Australia most renowned craft beers. It's hard to believe this small microbrewery is where it all began. However, you can still find it serving some of the most original Australian flavors in the town where it all began.

2. The Local History

You can learn more about the local history by digging into it. Native Australian groups remain a significant part of Kimberley population even today, hundreds of years after Europeans arrived. A coastline tour will give you a better understanding of the significance of the land to the local's thousands of years ago.

3. Dinosaur Footprints

Before humans arrived in Australia, Broome was home to many long-extinct species. The red rock is revealed at Gantheaume Point on the edge of Cable Beach when the tides are far out at sea. A century ago, these cliffs were part of a muddy river system, and dinosaur footprints dated back millions of years were fossilized in the red earth. Many impressions are far from the cliffs, but you can find them by hiking across the rocks when the tide is low. It is still good to check with your local tourist information about tide timings and maps, as the waves can change quickly.

4. Oldest Outdoor Cinema

One of the world oldest, continuously operating outdoor cinemas is located in Broome. Silent movies were first screened at Sun Pictures in 1916 for the town growing population. With over 100 years under its belt, Sun Pictures continues to show the latest releases alongside classics in their leafy garden. Located directly under the landing path of the nearby airport, Sun Pictures makes for one of the most unusual cinema experiences in the world, ensuring that the odd plane will inevitably interrupt the screening now and then.

Interesting Spots to Visit

Some places leave a lasting impression, and Broome, Western Australia, is one of them. Rich experiences and opportunities are available in the area due to the "Australian-ness" of the desert, history, and ocean. There are plenty of activities to enjoy at the beach or poolside, as well as exploring the surrounding culture and landscape.

1. Cable Beach

Where the turquoise Indian Ocean meets the golden sands of Cable Beach, there is kilometer after golden kilometer of Cable Beach. A fabled sunset fireball and lovely white sands make it the most prominent attraction in Broome, but there a reason for that. It is also possible to experience the spectacle while cruising on a restored pearl lugger. In addition to surfing, you can also explore the red dunes of Minyirr Park and take an Indigenous tour to discover more about the culture.

2. Broome Historical Museum

A detailed explanation of this entire history can be found at the Broome Historical Museum. This museum exhibits the rich Aboriginal history of the area, the pearling industry's role in establishing the isolated town, and how it will do so in the future. You can visit this museum to learn more about this unique town.

3. Chinatown

Walking around Chinatown in Broome will provide an insight into the town rich history. Upon discovering that the city was a popular pearling spot, its popularity soared. Many Asian migrants worked on the pearling boats during the industry early days. As a result, Broome maintains a diverse society to this day. This area is known as Chinatown because of its Chinese heritage. There are many pearling shops and Aboriginal art galleries just north of Town Beach, along with cafes and restaurants, and the architecture is truly unique. Not only are locals attracted to this attraction, but it is also popular among tourists.

4. Pearl Farm Tour

Pearling used to be the world most important industry in Broome. You can visit the pearl farm today and learn more about this fascinating aspect of the town history. Purchasing one of these South Sea beauties as a souvenir when shopping in Broome would not be complete without an opportunity to buy them. Chinatown has a lot of stores where you can purchase pretty pearl jewelry.

5. Horizontal Falls

This natural phenomenon, known as Horizontal Waterfalls, has been described as one of nature's greatest wonders by David Attenborough. A tidal whirlpool is created within the McLarty Range as the falls reverse every time the tide changes direction off the coast of the Kimberley. Charter boats, seaplanes, and private vessels bring thousands of visitors to the range to see the stunning falls up to five meters high. The falls are believed to be about 1.8 billion years old.

Frequently Asked Questions about to Broome

When booking a hotel in Broome, the average rate is $241 per night. Star rating, season, and location will affect prices.

The name of Broome popular beaches are Cable beach, Town beach, Roebuck Bay, Entrance Point, Ridell Beach, Gantheaume Beach, James Price Point, and Quondong Beach.

Most beautiful places in Broome are Art Galleries, Broome Historical Museum, SSJG heritage centre, Vibrant Chinatown, Cable Beach, Roebuck Bay, Town Beach, Reddell Beach, Camel ride on Cable Beach, Moonlight experience, walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs, explore the Mangrove Swamps of Roebuck Bay, Willie Creek Pearl Farm Tour, Cruise boat tour, Yawuru Walking Tour, Whale Watching Tour, Visitor Centre, Courthouse Markets, The Buddha Sanctuary, Matso’s Broome Brewery, Green Mango Cafe, Tides Bar and Garden Restaurant, get a bird’s eye-view with an air adventure, Ultimate Watersports at Cable beach, Trike Tours, on the trail of Snubfin Dolphins, Malcolm Douglas crocodile Park and Animal Refuge, and Bird Observatory.
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