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Dorval, Canada Cruises

Located along the shores of Lake St. Louis, Dorval is the largest city in the southwest part of Montreal Island. Residents enjoy an enviable environment with a rich array of parks, green spaces, and elaborate recreation facilities. The city offers a wide range of services and activities to meet the needs and expectations of its residents. Its quality of life makes it an extremely desirable place to live and work. There are a variety of commercial and industrial establishments in Dorval as a result of its diversified economy. A significant economic driver of Dorval is the Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport. Over the years, the City has grown from an airport city and former residential suburb to a bustling industrial park that attracts more than 25,000 workers daily.

Highlights of Dorval

Below are the highlights of Dorval!

  • History of Dorval:

PrioBefore current name, Dorval was known as Gentilly and La Presentation-de-la-Vierge-Marie. Approximately 300 years ago, Sulpician priests founded a mission on the outskirts of what was then called Ville-Marie. Dorval has a long history dating back more than 300 years. In 1892, it became a village; in 1903, it became a town; in 1956, it became a city; in 2002, it became a borough of Montreal again; and in 2006, it became a city again. Originally called Gentilly, it became "La Présentation de la Vierge Marie" and ultimately "Dorval".

  • Beet Tasting

No matter what type of brewer you are, if you like to learn something new, or why you want something interesting to do, this will be the activity you will enjoy! Discover what makes beer unique and how it differs from other drinks. The participants will have the opportunity to taste four different beers. You will also be treated to tasty snacks. You can stay after the activity for drinks and a snack on the terrace afterward.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Dorval

There is a city called Dorval in the province of Quebec, Canada. A visit to Dorval is well worth it if you want to see the Museum d'histoireet du patrimoine de Dorval, for instance. Furthermore, the following attractions can also be found there. 

  • Dorval Museum:

There is no better place to learn about the local history and heritage of Dorval than the han Dorval Museum. Dorval's history is preserved in its collection of artifacts and photographs. At Bord du Lac Road, there is a museum called Dorval Museum. Several events and people have played a prominent role in the history of Dorval that are highlighted by the Dorval Museum of Local History and Heritage. It combines historic cachet, innovative multimedia installations, and original exhibits to provide its visitors with a unique historical experience in the heart of Dorval. Located in the former coach house of the Forest and Stream Club, the Museum offers a breathtaking view of Lake Saint-Louis.

  • Dorval Cultural Centre:

In the Dorval Cultural Centre, local, regional, and international artists perform in regular theatre performances, art classes, and exhibitions. Lakeshore Drive is the location of the building in Dorval. A reservation is recommended since entry is free.

  • Trans-Canada Highway:

From St. John's, Nunavut, to Victoria, British Columbia, the Trans-Canada Highway is a particular highway among the rest of the world since it's the longest national highway in the world, spanning 7604 kilometers from St. John's, Nunavut, to Victoria, British Columbia, crossing through all ten provinces in the country.

  • Old Town Montreal

At night there is a light show, the old town is covered with mystery, and the day is more elegant and lively in the old towny. In addition to being a walking city, Montreal offers many opportunities for sightseeing. In general, the town is flavored with a faint classical flavor. Montreal is a European-influenced city with churches on almost every street. Old Montreal Old Town is excellent for slow travel. Take a day to stroll around it slowly.

  • Full-day Quebec City Tour

During this full-day tour, you'll see some of the essential attractions in Québec City. A local guide will accompany you on a sightseeing excursion around Québec City after departing Montréal. In addition to Parliament Hill, Old Québec, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, and many other iconic sites, you'll also see many other landmarks. Montmorency Falls is taller than Niagara Falls, so before you head back to Montréal, you'll have a chance to visit them.



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