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Cruises from Fort Amador

Fort Amador, Panama Cruises

Fort Amador, Panama Cruises

Exploring Panama City, the vibrant capital of Panama, is a breeze with a cruise from Fuerte Amador. There are three islands at the entrance of the Panama Canal, including Flamenco Island, which is where Fort Amador is located. It used to be a significant US military installation at the heart of the US-controlled Canal Zone. In the area, there are restaurants, bars, and shops in addition to a marina. Experience the Panama Canal first-hand at the Miraflor Visitor Center, which has a museum and observation deck. Embark on a bike ride along the scenic Amador Causeway, which features jogging trails, boutiques, and restaurants offering Panamanian dishes like guacho. There are over 300 species of animals in the Metropolitan National Park, including two-toed sloths.

Fort Amador Highlights

Here are some of the Fort Amador highlights that you might enjoy reading!

1. Local Gastronomy

All over Panama City, Fondas serve delicious Panamanian food at affordable prices. Get a taste of Panama City by eating sancocho, patacones, and Arroz con gandules (pigeon pea rice).

2. Local Shopping

There are plenty of places to shop when you visit Panama City, but Casco Viejo offers the best specialty stores. You can find traditional Panama hats at El Farol, local art and jewelry at Reprosa, and Embera baskets made in the Darien forest at La Ronda while on your Panama City cruise.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Fort Amador

The classic French and Spanish architecture can be seen as far as the eye can see in decadent Fuerte Amador. Visit secluded villages, trek through Panama's lush rainforest, and buy handmade crafts in the city. Taste the local specialty, tamale de olla, a tamale with chicken, cornmeal, vegetables, olives, and raisins. When you visit Fort Amador, here are some places you should not miss.

1. The BioMuseo

Panama City's colorful and unique landmark is half museum, half landmark. This is Frank Gehry's only design in Latin America, designed by the illustrious American architect. Panama's natural history and its impact on the world are the focus of the museum. Discover this country's biodiversity while learning about its history in captivating galleries. Audiovisuals & sculptures are among the exhibits, along with multiple aquariums in an ocean gallery. Your ticket includes access to Panama's park of biodiversity. This outdoor walking garden demonstrates the kingdom of life in Panama. It is possible to see 291 butterfly species as well as 153 bird species on site. Unlike any other walls in the world, the multicolored walls of Panama tell a story unlike any other. A trip to the BioMuseo should be on your list of things to do on the causeway!

2. Floor Fountain Park

This park features playgrounds, a fountain play area, and a lively atmosphere. There are some insane views of the ocean from the causeway, as is true with most things on the causeway. This is an attraction that children will love spending hours at! A family-friendly weekend outing is also possible with its proximity to the leading shops & eateries. You can have fun, feel safe, and feel secure in the area!

Additionally, there are beautiful green spaces, an outdoor gym, and benches throughout the park. Parking is available, as well as public restrooms and public transportation to the park. Raspado, an ice cream cola float, will be sold by street vendors during the weekends. The place is ideal for relaxing with family and friends and spending quality time together.

3. Rent Bikes

Rather than running, you should ride a bike! The causeway is a popular spot for this activity. Bicycle lanes are designated, and the scenery is spectacular. As an added benefit, it can help you beat the sun's heat during the day as well. Despite the Panama sun, the breeze makes it possible to explore the causeway for an entire day. Burke Bikes is one of the best bike rental options. Four-wheeled quadricycles are available, as well as pedal bikes for 4-5 people. Service is fast and responsive if there are any problems with the bikes.

4. Express Ferry to Taboga

Panama City's closest beach is Taboga Island, which can be reached by ferry from the Amador Causeway. A volcanic island featuring lush tropical plants, beautiful beaches, and soft sand, Taboga Island is known as the Island of Flowers. You can get there in less than 30 minutes from the causeway, making it an ideal one-day getaway. Visit the second-oldest church in the Western Hemisphere, hike through colorful, Spanish-style architecture, or explore colorful, historic architecture. Taking a break at the beach or enjoying a drink at a nearby beach bar is a great way to wind down after all the exploration. Passports are required for foreigners, while Cedulas are required for Panamanians and residents. A ferry can be found just north of Flamenco Island at the very end of the causeway. When in Panama City, don't miss this! 

5. Watch the setting sun

For a fantastic view of the setting sun, the Amador Causeway is the perfect place. As day turns to night, take a walk along the Amador Causeway and enjoy the beauty it has to offer. When visiting Panama, this is a must-do due to its rich history and exhilarating beauty.

When to Visit Fort Amador?

There are few better months to go on vacation or travel to Fuerte Amador than January and February. Tropical countries are at their most stunning during this period of a year, which is one of the driest of the year. You can also experience local events and festivals during the rest of the year if you visit Panama during that time of year. As long as you don't mind a bit of rain, you'll still enjoy warm temperatures (86°F on average). On the Caribbean coast, it rains almost every day in short, heavy bursts. May to November is the wettest month on the Pacific coast.

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