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Cruises from Kirkenes

Kirkenes, Norway Cruises

Kirkenes, Norway Cruises

A small, picturesque town in the extreme north-eastern part of Norway, Kirkenes lies between the borders of Russia and Finland, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. It is conveniently located 400 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, making it an ideal home base for winter adventures in the Arctic wilderness or summer explorations of the nearby fjords. This city is a place where Norway meets with Russia. There is also the three-borders-mark, which visitors can explore – The Russian, Finnish, and Norwegian borders intersect here. Any adventurer would find this sight intriguing. It is the capital city of the Barents Region, and the Barents Sea is famous for deep-sea fishing.

Highlights of Kirkenes

Here you'll find tourist information about Kirkenes and the whole municipality of Sør-Varanger. Kirkenes is a city located north of the Arctic Circle, approximately 400 km north of the city of Oslo. It is the gateway to the East and the capital of the Barents Region. Below are some highlights of the Kirkenes

1. History of Kirkenes

From 1826 until now, the area around Kirkenes was a Norwegian-Russian district. Piselvnes ("headland of the Pis River") was originally the peninsula's name. Still, it was changed in 1862 to Kirkenes (meaning "church headland").Only one tiny wooden church survived the town's destruction during World War II. There were tunnels beneath the city of Kirkenes that allowed the residents to hide from the German soldiers as they were a mining town. From the entrance to the mine, more than 3000 people emerged after the Russians rescued them! The heart-wrenching moment is shown in a movie in the mining tunnel under the town center, Andersgrotta.  

2. Russian Culture

Kirkenes strongly influenced Russian culture. The Red Army liberated Sør-Varanger in autumn 1944, as evidenced by the Russian Monument. Each month, the Russian market takes place in Kirkenes. You'll find Russian and Norwegian signs on the roads. There are two ways to get to the Russian border: by boat or ATV/Quad. Exhibits from the border region are displayed at Grenselandmuseet.

Exciting Things to do and see in Kirkenes

In Kirkenes, you can see the Northern Lights in ideal conditions. The town consists of a small Gamme chalet, a Snow Hotel, and a regular hotel. There are many activities to participate in, including dog sledding, snowmobile safaris, and fishing for King crabs. Apart from that, after sailing to Kirkenes, Norway, visitors can enjoy these experiences, attractions, and activities:

1. A visit to the Borderland Museum

It is recommended for tourists who want to learn more about the town's culture. Among the exhibits in the facility is information about the Sor Varanger Community and how it has been affected by Finnish and Russian interaction. Located a few kilometers from Kirkenes town, this excellent museum is commonly known as the Grenselandmuseet. Visiting this location is perfect for taking in its history and diversity. This museum tells the story of the area's development over time, as well as its different characteristics. It is an uphill walk to the museum, so if you're planning to visit, you should go when the weather is agreeable during the summer.

2. Kirkenes Snowhotel

One of Kirkenes' main attractions is its famous snow hotel. Known for its unique environment and the activities that can be enjoyed in the region, it has gained massive popularity across the globe. Ice blocks and snow make up most of this hotel, and it has beautifully decorated rooms. A specific section of the hotel is made of snow, while the bed frames in the hotel rooms are made of ice. The art in this hotel is terrific, and you will not find anything like it anywhere else.

3. The Northern Lights – Midnight Sun

Suppose you are looking for something fun and exciting to do. In that case, Kirkenes, a town located in the northern region of the Arctic Circle, is the place you should consider.

You will enjoy seeing these impressive escarpments and mountains during this phase when the sun is in the sky for a considerable amount of time. You can see the fantastic illusion of the lights of the north during the winter.

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