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Cruises from Nome

Nome, Alaska Cruises

Nome, Alaska Cruises

At the westernmost point of Alaska, Nome lies along the Bering Strait. Gold Rush-era charm and set in the middle of magnificent wilderness helped make the city popular during the Gold Rush era. Some of the best Eskimo dancing in Alaska in this small town with a vibrant Eskimo culture. You will discover the pioneering tradition of Nome as you weave between the brightly colored houses and the breathtaking golden hills. Waterfowl, bears, musk, caribou, and other wildlife can be abundant in the surrounding areas as you weave your way through the colorful houses. Among the activities available are bird watching, fishing, reindeer rearing, sled racing, and many more. Additionally, Arctic fauna may be observed from breathtaking vantage points on the plains adjacent to the lake.

Nome Highlights

The history of Nome incorporates traditional Eskimos and a gold rush past. There are several cultural and traditional markings left by the Inupiaq Eskimos here since they lived here for over 8,000 years. Despite its remote location, Nome offers modern conveniences without sacrificing comfort. While being a small and friendly town, the town offers visitors a mix of fascinating Native culture, adventurous trips, and beautiful scenery.

1. History

Anvil Creek was discovered in 1898, but before gold was found on the Seward Peninsula and surrounding areas, the Iñupiat people lived on the peninsula and surrounding areas for centuries. Only a few years later, in 1901, Nome was founded. Over 20,000 people worldwide came to Nome during the early 1900s due to the "Three Lucky Swedes' discovery of gold" in 1898. By 1934, less than 1,500 people were left in the town as the gold rush dwindled. In 1925, a dog sled relay team of Nome natives transported lifesaving diphtheria serum to Nenana through harsh winter conditions 674 miles away.

2. Shopping‍

‍Among the many things you can purchase in Nome are Native arts and crafts, paintings, and photographs, as well as other souvenirs and collectibles found throughout the city. The Norton Sound Region is one of the most talented areas of the state, where native craftsmen and craftswomen live and sell their products directly to  local shops.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Nome

There is no road access to Nome in the winter since the harsh road conditions make the community highly remote in Alaska. Nevertheless, it is still an interesting place to visit, especially if you are an adventure seeker. You can discover incredible experiences and history here, not only during the dog sled races. Find out what the best things to do in Nome are today.

1. Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum

You won't regret visiting the Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum. At eight, Carrie McLain arrived in Nome, where she grew to become one of the town's leading citizens and the town historian. In addition to displaying artifacts and photos of the Iñupiat people, the museum showcases the lives of gold prospectors.

2. Go Fishing

Nome is the perfect place to catch your limit! Several rivers in the area offer opportunities to catch Arctic grayling, salmon, and pike. Get set up with all the essentials by packing in gear or visiting one of the local outfitters. There are many stores around the town where you can purchase a fishing license. The best fishing holes can be found on one's own or with the help of a guide.

In some guided fishing trips, overnight options are available in remote cabins, and helicopter rides are open to remote fishing holes. Then hike down the river with a guide after taking a short flight. Moose, bear, and musk ox are frequently spotted along the route. Guides with experience will ensure that visitors with little to no fishing experience can participate.

3. Explore Gold Rush History

Anvil Creek and its beaches boomed after the "three lucky Swedes" discovered gold there in 1898. As a result, Nome's population grew to 28,000. Nome has a population of about 3,800 people, and gold is still mined there. Several gold-panning experiences are available with Nome tour companies. Visit historical buildings and a creek to pan for gold. In addition to abandoned dredges and steam engines, old mining claims can be viewed when touring the town during the Gold Rush. Before you go to the beach, take a picture of the country's giant gold pan. Gold mining equipment can be found on the beach or in shallow waters near Nome, making beachcombing an excellent tourist activity. There are still some of them in use today!

4. The Iditarod Finish

The Iditarod Sled Dog Race is held in Nome each year. Nome's Iditarod celebrations begin a week after the race starts with a ceremonial start in Anchorage and an official start in Willow; the race begins nearly 1,000 miles from Anchorage and finishes in Willow. There is an approximate 1,000-person increase in Nome's population during the finish of the race. Keep an eye out for dog teams and their mushers rolling into town while meeting mushers and dog teams alike.

5. Climb Anvil Rock

You will find Anvil Rock just north of Nome, a piece of exposed bedrock that resembles a blacksmith's anvil. Despite Nome's changes and evolution over time, Anvil Rock has remained a reassuringly unchanged landmark for travelers arriving by sea, air, or overland. It does not take more than an hour to climb to the top, but the views and wildlife spotting opportunities are well worth it.

When to Visit Nome?

Depending on the time of year you visit Nome, you will have a very different experience. If you are considering a cruise to Alaska, check out for itineraries and rates.

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