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Cruises from Principe Island

Principe Island, Sao Tome And Principe Cruises

Principe Island, Sao Tome And Principe Cruises

There is a port for cruise ships in the Gulf of Guinea near Africa's west coast named Principe, which is connected to both the islands of So Tomé and Principe and the Portuguese-speaking nation of Portugal. This island is smaller and more northern than Princes Island. Afonso, Prince of Portugal, named this island in 1502. A heavily eroded volcano dominates most of the island and is surrounded by smaller islands. When the Portuguese discovered it, sugar, coffee, and cocoa plantations quickly developed on this uninhabited island. I'll tell you something you may not know: Principe was once the world's largest cocoa producer (although most plantations have grown into forests today). Approximately 5,000 people live on the island, mainly in Santo António and several smaller towns.

Principe Island Highlights

Below are the highlights of Principe Island!

Extinct Volcanoes

Several of the extinct volcanoes found in the northern part of Sao Tome are taller than 600 meters. Its height is 2024 meters, making it one of the highest mountains on the island of Sao Tome. An extinct volcano covered with forests is located west of the island's center and can be climbed. After arriving in this mysterious country, you must visit Pico de Sao Tome. This extinct volcano is a must-see. Sao Tome's unusually narrow volcano cannot be missed if you see the island. The "natural high-rise" amazes tourists and entices them to take photos. The volcano is overgrown with moss due to the humidity for mountaineers, and snakes are also present in abundance due to the humidity.

Island Culture

A strong Portuguese influence can be seen in the culture of Sao Tome and Principe. People are musical and plastic, and dance is an important part of their lives, namely samba, puita, sokope, dansu-kongu, and the island's inherent rhythm of dex. Buying souvenirs is the best way to preserve the country's cultural heritage. You can please your friends with unique wooden round sculptures carved by local craftsmen. Another unique national souvenir is a coconut shell lamp decorated with a national ornament. The souvenirs in the stores include stamps, magnets, caskets, masks, and even figurines of idols.

Local Cuisine

There is an unusual and delicious local cuisine in the country. Traditional Arabic cuisine is combined with regional cuisines. The ingredients that make up the cuisine are fish, other seafood, baked bananas, and breadfruit. Amaji - a meat and vegetable couscous meal - is the most popular dish. At the same time, Tanjiya is a spicy marinated beef dish served with lemon juice and spices. European cuisine is an option for those who do not like exotic food. There are a lot of tropical fruits on the island, so dessert consists of a variety of them. Also noteworthy is chocolate. It is even called a "chocolate country" since there are extensive cocoa plantations here.

Interesting Spots to Visit

The tiny island nation of Sao Tomé and Principe offers a surprising amount of entertainment. A day trip to So Tomé and Principe is about immersion in nature, from canoeing down secret mangrove rivers to exploring crumbling cocoa plantations. We have some tips to help you start planning your dream trip to So Tomé and Principe if you consider visiting the islands!

Underwater Paradise

The islands of Sao and Principe are indeed a wonder to view. Despite being unexplored and undisturbed, the waters here are clean, pristine, and teeming with marine life. A fantastic coastline awaits tourists in Sao Tomé for diving. Divers enjoy diving at Ilhéu das Rolas due to the ocean currents crossing the equator. An excellent snorkeling spot near the capital of the main island. There are many reasons people come here, including snorkeling and scuba diving. Observe leatherback turtles, sharks, rays, and colorful coral reefs. Sao Tome's waters are still in the Atlantic Ocean, so expect strong currents and less visibility than in Southeast Asia despite its pristine waters.

Obô National Park

More than 700 plant species and 143 species of birds, some endemic to the island, are found in this pristine reserve. It's a Robinson Crusoe adventure with rugged volcanic landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and impenetrable forests. An impressive site in the State is the Pico Co Grande volcano, a needle-shaped volcanic plug 370 meters (1 214 feet) high that dominates the tropical forest. Several circular walks are available, including a trek to Lagoa Amelia, which offers awe-inspiring views of the lagoon from a volcanic crater. Furthermore, you can go on multi-day hikes and stay in old cocoa plantation houses overnight.

Sao Tome

The only city on this island is Sao Tome, where you can find Romanesque churches, ornate colonial buildings, palm-lined boulevards, and pretty plazas. There's the Presidential Palace, Independence Square, the political center, and the main marketplace in this capital and economic hub of this Atlantic archipelago. Take a stroll along the Central Market, pass houses with terracotta tiles, beautiful Baroque facades, and a cannon-dotted bulwark at Fort Sao Sebastian, then head to the National Museum for its fascinating exhibits. As you stroll along the beautiful Ana Chaves Bay shoreline, coffee shops spill onto the cobblestones, and cafés spill onto the cobblestones.

Praia Banana

A perfect stretch of sand, Praia Banana was once featured in a Bacardi advert in the 90s and is often considered the best beach on Principe. It is always a favorite when people ask us what to do on Principe. Alternatively, you can drive down the forest trail on Belo Monte Estate in a 4x4 or take a boat trip on Principe. You can access this iconic view even if you're not staying at Belo Monte's plantation hotel, which has an outdoor viewpoint. The most beautiful beaches in Principe are Praia Macaco and Praia Boi, which are just around the corner from Praia Banana. Beach-hopping boat trips and visits to Praia Banana are the best way to see them.

Santo Antonio

You won't encounter other vehicles in many capital cities and can drive through them in just a few minutes. If you head to Santo António in the east of Principe, you'll be one of the few people to say they've been to the smallest capital city in the world! Many Principe day tours include a quick stop in Santo António, the main settlement on the island. A wander along the Papagaio River (Parrot River) and a meal at one of the restaurants are the only things to do in town. Again, the atmosphere here is one of the decaying houses, with faded pastels and a languid vibe. However, the central market and church are worth visiting.

When to Visit?

A trip to Sao Tome and Principe is a must for anyone who enjoys hot, humid weather. With an average temperature of +25 + 27°C, Sao Tome and Principe's climate is tropical marine due to its location in the equatorial belt. Although it frequently rains here, it rarely does so in summer. A rainy season and a dry season were thus formed: shuva and gravana. In Sao Tome and Principe, June through September are the best months to travel.

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