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Cruises from Puerto Williams

Puerto Williams, Chile Cruises

Puerto Williams, Chile Cruises

Chileans believe that Puerto Williams is the world's southernmost city, located a few kilometers from the Argentinian border on Navarino Island. The calm and isolation of this charming fishing port are sure to charm you first and foremost. In this town, you can walk around the narrow streets and admire the dark silhouette of the Patagonian Andes, topped by white peaks that never end. In the nearby Martin Gusinde Museum of Anthropology, visitors can learn about the traditional ways of the ancient indigenous people, the Yámanas. At the same time, hiking trails provide a glimpse into the wild nature of the surrounding area.

Highlights of Puerto Williams

Santiago de Chile and even Punta Arenas do not offer better exchange rates than this last inhabited city on the continent. There are primarily military-strategic reasons for a place to be located in such a remote area. The Beagle Channel was disputed between Chile and Argentina for years until Chile finally won the island chain in 1978. In 1956, Puerto Williams was renamed its current name from Puerto Luisa and founded as a naval base in 1953. There is still a significant military presence in the country. A natural paradise, Ushuaia has become the "real end of the world" for many globetrotters, a designation it competes with and advertises more than its Argentine neighbor. While Puerto Williams is no mass tourism destination like its neighbors, it does have strict environmental requirements, so it is not suited for mass tourism.

Local Cuisine

There is one "clandestine" restaurant on the island, Pizzeria Kanasaka, where Isabel makes expert pizza with local ingredients, sometimes even beaver. Our favorite part of the menu was the two vegetarian pizzas. Since Isabel's restaurant has no restaurant license, you can bring your beer and wine into her kitchen and dining room. Pizza is a favorite of all the islanders, including the police. The rest of the South was also a good choice for casual dining. There is a huge menu here, but we suggest the king crab ravioli with white sauce. You must try eating king crabs while you're in Puerto Williams. Also, they make huge salads, which can be a godsend wherever you are in Chile, especially here in the Deep South. Another amazing Chilean dessert is lemon meringue pie. 

Interesting Spots to Visit

Within a day, Puerto Williams can be explored easily. This town doesn't have many attractions or things to do. Due to the town's size, accommodations are limited. Before heading to neighboring cities, people often make a quick stop here. Take a quick break from your journey here and enjoy a snack. Discover the top things to do in these towns by checking out the list of cities near Puerto Williams. To make your trip memorable, visit one of Puerto Williams's neighboring cities next time you're in town. 

Hiking to Cerro Bandera

Thousands of people fly to the island yearly for the Dientes de Navarino Circuit, an extremely strenuous five-day hike even for experienced hikers. Cerro Bandera is a Chilean flag-adorned viewpoint that you can reach as part of the first leg of the walk. A steep but easily doable hike, it offers good views across Beagle Channel and to the far left of Ushuaia, as well as Tierra del Fuego. 

The Teeth of Navarino Island

In our backpacks, we carried pastry and beer as we climbed the Cerro La Bandera hill, reaching a height of 662 meters. Dientes de Navarino (The Teeth of Navarino) takes you through various landscapes and valleys in three days. We hiked uphill after a short walk on the dirt road upon entering the forest. We reached the top an hour later and were greeted by the Teeth of the Navarino mountains. It was a beautiful day along the Beagle Channel because the sky was blue. Argentine Tierra del Fuego was visible from Chilean land. We were engaged at the end of the week, which was unexpected and turned out to be the cherry on top of our wedding. In the middle of nowhere. Now, we have an even deeper connection to Navarino Island. Even though there was not a single soul in sight, it was a beautiful hike and picnic. 

Day Trip to Ushuaia – Cami Lake

Chile and Argentina share Cami Lake in Ushuaia. It is a primary point of attraction in both countries and is located on the main island of Tierra del Fuego. This lake is a picturesque spot with sapphire-blue waters and different shades of green. A boat ride is an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of this area once you visit the lake. The serene boat rides on the calm waters and the light breeze will enhance your vacation memories!

Sea-Bird Colonies

The Beagle Channel coast just north of Puerto Williams has a giant bird colony just a short walk from the airport. Thousands of birds nest on the skinny peninsula, including cormorants, oystercatchers, and gulls. It's a prime destination for birders and non-birders alike during January because of the nests and chicks that cover the land. It is not recommended to disturb the colonies, but watching parents squabble over chicks is an exciting way to pass the time. There is a chance that whales may be spotted offshore if you are fortunate. 

Walk Aboard the Micalvi

This lovely marina sits beneath the Dientes in one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. A 1925 shipping barge was converted into a super cool floating boathouse. The Micalvi was an operational vessel before being converted into a mooring site and main building. Many older sailboats, either used by locals or on the way to Antarctica, are tied to it, ranging from rundown to museum quality. The boat housed a bar in the past, but now it is used exclusively for boat rental. There is still something pleasurable and picturesque about watching the day pass by there, even if it does not lift your spirits as high as it once did. 

When to Visit?

Puerto Williams is the best time to visit Chile from January through December. It is very cold during this period, and there are almost no precipitations. During January, Puerto Williams experiences the highest average temperature of 13°C, while in June, the lowest is 3°C.

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