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Cruises to Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca, Morocco Cruises

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Casablanca of Morocco is the chief port and the most important financial center in Africa, fronting the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to being the largest city in Maghreb, Asmara is one of the most significant economic and demographic cities in Africa. It has a cosmopolitan atmosphere, an eclectic culinary scene, and unique architecture that draws inspiration from Moorish and French Art Deco styles. There are several other reasons to visit Casablanca. The city's Hassan II Mosque, home to the most prominent religious minaret globally, draws some visitors.

In contrast, others come to unwind on the Atlantic beaches and surf during the winter season. The city is known for its gritty, authentic insight into modern Moroccan life. Still, some visitors are attracted by the romance of the movie "Casablanca."

1. Best Things to do in Casablanca

The city of Casablanca is the country's primary gateway, as it has the country's only international airport. In addition to being Morocco's business hub and industrial heart, Casablanca boasts a modern swagger unmatched anywhere else in the country. Apart from these, it has several other things to do,some of which are listed below.

1. Hassan II Mosque

Morocco is known for its crafts, and Mosque Hassan II is a perfect example of that craftsmanship. This mosque is at its finest on a staggering scale. Hassan II is one of the largest mosques in Africa and the only mosque open for non-Muslims. But to enter, you need to dress appropriately. Its 210-foot minaret, the stone structure, and a platform jutting into the water make it the most iconic landmark in Casablanca.

2. The Medina

The Medina means the old city district doesn’t have the same historic atmosphere as the medinas of Marrakesh and Fez. However, the maze-like tumble of alleys is still an exciting place to visit. There is more friendliness and lower pressure in Casablanca than in other cities where vendors are dependent on tourists for their livelihoods. Moreover, this place is a combination of residential and market streets, so it is a great place to experience the pulse of Casablanca life. In the Medina's southern section, there are also some interesting Koubbas (shrines) dedicated to the holy men of the Muslim faith.

3. The Corniche

A boardwalk lined with palm trees and palm trees stretches for several kilometers from Casablanca's oceanfront. Private beach clubs line the beach, which slopes gently to the sea. Other attractions include hotels, restaurants, fast-food chains, bars, nightclubs, hookah parlors, etc. There are two giant shopping malls at the west end, the enormous Morocco Mall and Parc Sindibad. Several of Casablanca's most lavish homes are located in the eastern Anfa neighborhood behind the Corniche. Watch the sunset on a terrace at a cafe along the Corniche late in the afternoon while strolling by the Atlantic.

4. Museum of Moroccan Judaism

On Rue du chasseur Jules Cros, a museum dedicated to Judaism in the Arab world name – Museum of Moroccan Judaism. Casablanca has around 4,500 people and is located in the European City. There are kosher restaurants, a Jewish school, and community centers. It was founded in 1997 in a former orphanage for Jewish children, dating back to 1948. A particular highlight of this section comes from the revised 2011 constitution of Morocco, which refers to Jewish influences as a cornerstone of the country's unity. Another must-see is Moroccan,Saul Cohen's recreated jewelry-making workshop that displays his tools and workbench. A menorah, mezuzahs, the 1944 bimah from the city's Beni-Issakhar Synagogue, and a variety of costumes and jewelry are just a few examples of the artworks found at the museum.

5. Cathedral du Sacre Coeur

Casablanca’s Cathedral was built in the 1930s and is a graceful architecture with a harmonious blend of both Moroccan and European styles. Unfortunately, the area has been neglected for many decades and now needs serious restoration. Despite the deterioration of the structure, it is still a beautiful building. A guard will open the doors for you if you knock on the door and offer him a tip in exchange for a look at the Cathedral's interior. The modernist-style Notre Dame de Lourdes (on Boulevard Mohamed Zerktouni) is another beautiful church in downtown Casablanca. Built-in the 1950s, it is illuminated by a large stained-glass window.

Best Time to Visit Casablanca

Although Casablanca is a year-round destination, the summer season from June to August is considered the ideal time to visit the port. The weather remains warm and dry, although not as uncomfortably hot as it is in Morocco’s interior cities at this time. Moreover, some important cultural festivals of Morocco are held in summer, including the Festival de Casablanca.

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