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Cruises to Colon, Panama

Colon, Panama Cruises

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The Panama Canal's northern opening is located in the Panamanian port city of Colon. In the Atlantic region, it is the largest city and the second biggest city in the nation. Panama City is 47 miles away. The Province of Colon is a small Caribbean province in Panama rich in history and incomparable scenery. It is located in central Panama and is the Caribbean end of the Panama Canal. It is famous for its lovely tropical beaches, culture, people, and architecture. 

What Best Things to do in Colon, Panama?

Colon port city is not so famous but has many incredible sights and experiences. You may have only a day to explore Colón if you are on a cruise ship. We have prepared the following list of things to see during your visit. 

1. Gatun Lake

Gatun Lake is the largest artificial lake to the south of Colon. A key artery in the Panama Canal enables ships and other vessels to transit across the Isthmus of Panama for 33 km. In the 1960s, when the artificial lake was created, it was the largest lake in the world. Also, the Gatun Dam was the largest globally at the time. During the construction of the lake, many hilltops were converted into islands. For example, the largest and most famous is the Barro Colorado Island. Moreover, Monkey Island and Sounds of Silence Island are the two most popular tourist attractions near Gatun Locks.

2. Fort San Lorenzo

To explore Fort San Lorenzo, you need around two to three hours. It is another must-see spot in Colon. In its earliest days, it served as part of the transatlantic trade defense system and is one of the most significant military ruins in the country. The original fort, which dates back to 1595, sits on a cliff  overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the mouth of Rio Chagres. Today, the fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the past, the fort has been rebuilt several times as it has been burned to the ground and attacked by pirate cannons. Visitors won’t find any tour guides her,  instead, they can grab a map that’ll help them discover the region by themselves. 

3. Agua Clara Locks Visitor Center

Agua Clara Locks Visitor Center is located on the Atlantic side, near Colon City. It is a beautiful spot to learn more about one of the world’s most incredible feats of engineering: The Panama Canal. Head to the visitor center on the top and enjoy the panoramic view of the canal, specifically the famous Gatun Lake, where you can see massive cargo ships and other vessels peacefully sailing on the waves. One can consider it a picture-perfect place and a daydreaming spot. There is also a projector room to see a documentary on the historic Panama Canal. Also, before leaving , grab some gifts for your friends and family or just for yourself to cherish the memory of this heavenly place.

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4. Two Oceans by Railroad 

The smooth and comfortable rides are worth the time for guests on multi-stop Western Caribbean cruises and who have time to take a train ride while in port. Yes, only in Panama can you ride a train and go from one ocean to another. The trip is particularly alluring because passengers can travel from the Caribbean to the Pacific and then back again, making for an exciting day trip. The trip also has many highlights, including seeing the Bridge of the Americas and a jungle prison. Panama Railway rides are ideal for those seeking the scenic and aural delights offered by adventurous nature tours without sacrificing amenities, facilities, or affordable refreshments.

Aside from that, there is a lovely view of Gatun Lake, the Panama Canal, and the rainforests. There is an observation car on this beautifully restored locomotive. A snack box is provided for the trip duration, which lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.

5. Embera Indian Village

Embera Indian Village is not so far from the Cruise port. Traditionally, the area has been home to Indian Natives whose centuries-old cultures combine with traditional lifestyles. A canoe ride, an exotic adventure, and dancing the day away are all available to visitors who wish to tour the village. Alternatively, they can relax in harmony while learning about the community in tranquility. Additionally, they can also purchase or create jewelry with local artisans. This makes an excellent souvenir for your family and friends back home.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Colon, Panama, is from January through April, with a perfect temperature. At the same time, the warmest months are May and September, and the wettest month with the most rainfall is November.

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