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Cruises to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Cruises

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Dubai is a massive city with fantastic nightlife, restaurants, exciting places, landmarks, and accommodations. It is also one of the world's largest and most dynamic economic hubs. Its shimmering skyscrapers and traditional Islamic roots make Dubai an irresistible draw. In this city, the future is fully embraced, making it an enigmatic destination. A cruise through India cannot be completed without visiting Dubai.

Best things to Do in Dubai

In Dubai, you'll find luxurious shopping, high-end boutiques, numerous markets (souqs), and cultural museums. In addition to the 160-story Burj Khalifa, Dubai also boasts the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, a luxury resort shaped like a sail. On a Dubai cruise, you'll find unique activities, like a city helicopter tour or a camel ride at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Besides the vast Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, there is even an indoor skiing experience.

1. Dubai Museum

To discover the history of Dubai, take an afternoon tour to Dubai Museum, which is located within the historic AI Fahidi Fort, and is the oldest building in Dubai. It showcases the authentic culture and lifestyle of hundreds of years ago. The tour is ideal for history enthusiasts or for learning more about Dubai's past as a global power.

2. Jumeirah Mosque

For those interested in visiting a traditional Islamic Mosque, head over to the Jumeirah Mosque, which is open to Muslims and non-Muslims. It stands out because of its white stone color. Experience life at the mosque on a guided 75-minute tour. Since 1998, the doors have been open for all people interested in history. Also, it is considered the most remarkable example of Islamic Culture.

3. Palm Islands

You can have fun in the sun on Dubai's artificial Palm Islands, where families and solo travelers can swim, snorkel, and dive. You can swim with dolphins on islands or enjoy waterparks and slides on a hot day. Three artificial islands: Deira Island, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Jumeirah make up Palm Islands. Moreover, people can see Palm Jumeirah from space as it is the most oversized artificial island in the world.

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4. Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain, a classic local landmark, should not be missed. Experience a musical and light show downtown. The show happens on the 12 hectares of manmade Burj Khalifa Lake in Downtown Dubai. In addition, this is the most extensive fountain system in the world.

5. Dubai Shopping

Dubai is the ultimate shopping destination. You will visit luxury malls, local markets, and other vendors during your shore excursions. Dubai's world-class shopping centers have it all. During the trip, shoppers should visit Dubai Mall, Emirates Mall, and Gold Souk. You can shop everything from home furnishings to designer fashion in Emirates Mall, the world's first shopping resort, or visit the Dubai Mall with over 1,000 stores. Cruisers can also check out the Dubai Aquarium and Dubai Ice Rink.

Best time to visit Dubai

Dubai draws tourists like a magnet thanks to its glitz and glamour. It continues to deliver every experience you desire despite the differences in climate. During the winter of November to April, it's best to travel to Dubai. January and February experience a heavy tourist rush due to Dubai Shopping Festival. This festival makes the city alive.

Moreover, the temperature begins to rise by April and May. It is almost impossible to explore outside in Dubai during the summer months because Dubai is so hot and humid. You can indulge in as much retail therapy as you like since malls and stores all have air conditioning.

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