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Useful Things to Know About Carnival Liberty

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Explore Useful Things to Know About Carnival Liberty

Facilities and services for guests with disabilities

General access features on ships

Accessible staterooms

Personal mobility devices (wheelchairs/scooters/Segways)

Rental services for mobility devices

Airport transfer with hydraulic lift for guests with mobility limitations

Wheelchair assistance at the terminal

Going ashore with water shuttles

Deaf / Hard of Hearing accommodations

Blind / Visually Impaired accommodations

Service Dogs on Carnival Cruise Lines

Special Dietary Requirements on Carnival Cruise Lines

Smoking Policy on Carnival Cruise Line

Age Restrictions on Carnival Cruise Line

Dress Code

Daytime Attire:

Evening Attire: Cruise Casual Dress Code:

Cruise Elegant Dress Code (formal evenings):

Special Events:

Medical Information

Packing Tips


Social Plan: Access to popular social websites and apps but not email, video/music streaming, iMessage, Skype, or FaceTime. 

Value Plan: Access to social websites, email, news, entertainment (no streaming), sports, weather, banking, and finance; no Skype or video/music streaming. 

Premium Plan: Access to all sites under Social and Value Plans at faster speeds (3x faster than Value Plan); supports Zoom, Skype, and Team video calling where available. 

Alcohol Policy and Drinks Packages

Cruise Inquiry