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On board, choose from a variety of menus featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients. While you relax on board or go on excursions, the local fishermen are on hand to secure the day's catch, including Arctic char caught in the deep, cold waters of the Cigarfjord in Västerolen. I'm out

Chef Eirik believes that the fresh, locally sourced ingredients he provides will enhance your sailing experience along the Norwegian coast.

"Procuring, preparing and serving fresh, locally grown food is essential to the coastal experience." also produce. Our passengers experience an authenticity like no other. You can also buy local specialties on board. That way they can enjoy their Norwegian coastal experience a little longer,” says chef Larsen with a smile.

Food blogger Anders Husa on the menu on board:

A clever combination of flavors and contrasting textures make these dishes so delicious and exciting. And the food tastes even better when you know that the animals lived a good life.

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