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Entertainment on the MSC Euribia Cruise Ship

Explore All Entertainment Facilities on MSC Euribia

MSC Euribia, the newest addition to MSC Cruises' fleet, promises unforgettable live entertainment. With seven theatrical shows at the Delphi Theatre, diverse activities, and live music from an expansive onboard big band, guests of all ages can anticipate a wealth of enriching experiences throughout their journey.

1. Carousel Lounge

MSC Euribia introduces an upgraded Carousel Lounge, expanding over 11,000 square feet with covered terraces for dining and relaxation. Daytime offers serene leisure and various activities, while evenings host lively music events featuring diverse genres and weekly guest entertainers.

2. Big Band at Sea (Carousel Lounge)

MSC Cruises introduces the revolutionary entertainment concept, Big Band at Sea, boasting a colossal nineteen-piece band of acclaimed musicians and singers. Enjoy three nightly shows, each themed around diverse music genres, complemented by guest acts for exclusive concerts. Experience an array of musical styles, from swing and jazz to disco and iconic diva tributes, promising unparalleled entertainment onboard.

3. Coral Cay Aquapark

The Coral Cay Aquapark on MSC Euribia is a rich water paradise packed with exciting slides, splash zones, and pools for all age groups. The hub of aquatic fun, offering everything from twisting slides to the best service in lounges, providing an amazing experience for guests looking for an adventure.

4. Himalayan Bridge

The Himalayan Bridge on MSC Euribia offers attractive rides through the magnificent mountain range. Passengers enjoy scenic views of nature while experiencing the luxury and comfort of the ship.

5. Casino

The MSC Euribia hosts an electrifying casino filled with classic card games, modern slots, and an atmosphere brimming with excitement. It's the go-to spot for passengers seeking thrilling gaming experiences and high-stakes fun during the journey.

6. Delphi Theatre

MSC Cruises' Delphi Theatre presents a diverse seven-day lineup of grand-scale stage shows. Showcasing resident theatre casts and rotating guest entertainers every night promises a unique, unparalleled performance.

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