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MSC Musica Virtual Tour 360°

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MSC Musica Cruise Ship Virtual Tour in 360°

Travelers can take a virtual MSC Musica cruise ship tour via 360° before booking. This tour can help you evaluate whether the facilities and environment meet your expectations and allow you to view a variety of ocean-view cabins with balconies and elegant suites, food and drink areas, indoor and outdoor play amenities, a lavish spa, a theatre, a glamorous casino, and a panoramic disco. 

Detailed Information of the 360° Virtual Tour of MSC Musica:


  • Aurea Suite: Explore the luxurious Aurea Suites offering comfortable and upscale accommodations. 
  • Balcony: Get a glimpse of the balcony cabins, allowing you to enjoy breathtaking ocean views from your private space. 
  • Ocean View: Check out the Ocean View cabins, providing a window to the sea right from your room. 
  • Partial View: Discover the cabins with partially obstructed views, still allowing you to catch sight of the beautiful surroundings. 
  • Inside: Look at the cozy Inside cabins, providing a comfortable retreat. 

Public Areas

  • Reception La Cascata: Step into the ship's reception area, La Cascata, where you're welcomed on board. 
  • L'Oleandro: Explore the L'Oleandro area, which might be a lounge or a public space for passengers. 
  • Blue Velvet Bar: Visualize the ambiance of the Blue Velvet Bar, a place to relax and enjoy drinks. 
  • Il Tucano Lounge: Experience the Il Tucano Lounge, possibly a spot for entertainment and socializing. 
  • Restaurant: Peek into the ship's main restaurant to enjoy delicious meals. 
  • L'Angolo dell'Oggetto: Discover L'Angolo dell'Oggetto, which could be a shop or boutique area. 
  • Teatro La Scala: Imagine the grand Teatro La Scala, the ship's theater where various performances occur. 
  • The Mini Mall: Take a virtual stroll through the Mini Mall, which could feature shops and small retail outlets. 
  • Card Room: See the Card Room, where passengers can play card games and other activities. 
  • Crystal Lounge: Get a sense of the Crystal Lounge, possibly an elegant space for relaxation and gatherings. 
  • Havana Club: Explore the Havana Club, which might offer a themed experience with music and dancing. 
  • Kaito Sushi Bar: Visualize the Kaito Sushi Bar, a dining venue specializing in sushi and Japanese cuisine. 
  • Library: Enter the ship's library, a haven for book lovers to find a quiet reading spot. 
  • Sanremo Casino: Take a virtual glance at the Sanremo Casino, where you can try your luck with various games. 
  • Copacabana: Experience the Copacabana, likely a poolside area for relaxation and sunbathing. 
  • Gli Archi Cafeteria: See the Gli Archi Cafeteria, a casual dining spot for quick bites and meals. 
  • Q32 Disco: Check out the Q32 Disco, the ship's discotheque for dancing and nightlife. 
  • Space Trip: Get a sense of Space Trip, which could be an entertainment or recreational area. 
  • TOP 16: Imagine TOP 16, possibly a designated space for adult passengers to unwind and socialize. 

MSC Aurea Spa

  • Spa Reception: Enter the Spa Reception, the starting point for a relaxing journey at the MSC Aurea Spa. 
  • Beauty Parlour: Explore the Beauty Parlour, where you can indulge in various beauty treatments. 
  • Gym: Look at the ship's gym, equipped to help you stay active and fit during your cruise. 
  • Massage Room: Visualize the Massage Room, where skilled professionals offer rejuvenating massages. 
  • Steam Room: Experience the Steam Room, a place to unwind and enjoy the benefits of steam therapy. 
  • Yoga Room: See the Yoga Room, a serene space for practicing yoga and finding balance. 

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