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MSC Orchestra Cruise Ship Dining

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Explore All Dining Options on MSC Orchestra

MSC Orchestra features greater dining options than its other fleetmates. However, most passengers still choose to dine in the main dining room, set table mates, and set seating arrangements. Here are some different dining options and bars.

Check out the variety of dining choices offered on the MSC Orchestra.

Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
1. L'ibiscus
It is the main restaurant in the MSC Orchestra. It serves delicious international cuisine.
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
La Piazzetta & Four Seasons
2. La Piazzetta & Four Seasons
It is an onboard self-service buffet and pizzeria.
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
3. Shanghai
It is an oriental restaurant.
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
Villa Borghese
4. Villa Borghese
It is another main restaurant that comes complimentary with your basic cruise fare.
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
L'incontro Bar
5. L'incontro Bar
It is a reception bar and coffee bar where you can relax and hang out with your friends and family. 
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
La Cantinella
6. La Cantinella
It is a wine bar on board the MSC Orchestra located on the 7th deck. 
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
La Cubana
7. La Cubana
This is a cigar room and bar on the 7th deck. You can smoke in a designated area.
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
The Amber Bar
8. The Amber Bar
This bar is a mixology bar on deck 6, with a dance floor and non-stop music. This bar sells coffee and chocolate treats to guests onboard the MSC Orchestra.
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
The Purple Bar
9. The Purple Bar
This bar is perfect for some pre-dinner cocktails.
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
The Savannah Bar
10. The Savannah Bar
Enjoy cocktails and other beverages at the bar, which features music and a dance floor. It is also famous for silly games, shows, and bingo.
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
The Shaker Lounge
11. The Shaker Lounge
This lounge and bar offers live shows, music, and dance for entertainment.
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
Zaffiro Bar
12. Zaffiro Bar
Enjoy cocktails before your dinner. It is a perfect pre-dinner bar venue.
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
Barracuda Bar
13. Barracuda Bar
This is a pool bar on deck 13 where you can order your favorite drinks while you soak in the sun.
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises
El Sombrero Bar
14. El Sombrero Bar
It is the favorite spot for all kids and adults. It is an ice cream bar that serves delicious gelato.

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