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MSC Poesia Virtual Tour 360°

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MSC Poesia Cruise Ship Virtual Tour in 360°

Ready to step into your cruise dream? Let our 360° shots guide you about MSC Poesia in choosing the perfect cabins and accommodation, planning your activities, shopping options, fitness activities, restaurants and buffet options, bar and lounges options, the interior of the whole cruise, and indoor and outdoor areas with all kinds of activities. 

Detailed Information of the 360° Virtual Tour of MSC Poesia:


  • Aurea Suite: Explore the luxurious suite with premium amenities and possibly a private balcony, offering a comfortable and stylish stay. 
  • Balcony: Discover the cabins with private balconies, where you can enjoy scenic ocean views and fresh sea breezes from your room. 
  • Ocean View: Step into cabins with large windows overlooking the ocean, providing a serene and picturesque environment. 
  • Partial View: Explore cabins with partially obstructed views, allowing you to catch glimpses of the surrounding sea and destinations. 
  • Inside: Look at the cozy inside cabins designed to provide a comfortable retreat for relaxation. 

Public Areas

  • Reception: Begin your virtual journey at the ship's reception area, where you'll find a warm welcome and information about the ship's offerings. 
  • Il Palladio: Explore this elegant dining venue, possibly offering a range of culinary delights and a fine dining experience. 
  • The Mini Mall: Visit the onboard shopping area, offering a variety of shops where you can find anything from souvenirs to luxury goods. 
  • Zebra Bar: Peek into this stylish bar, a place to unwind and enjoy drinks with fellow passengers. 
  • Teatro Carlo Felice: Enter the theater and experience the grandeur of live performances, from captivating shows to entertaining acts. 
  • Casino Royal: Explore the ship's casino, where you can try your fate at different games and enjoy the lively ambiance. 
  • Il Grappolo d'Oro: Discover this inviting wine bar, offering a selection of wines you can savor in a relaxed setting. 
  • Kaito Sushi Bar: Take a virtual seat at the sushi bar and admire the artistry of skilled chefs as they prepare delicious sushi and Japanese dishes. 
  • Pigalle Lounge: Experience the lounge's sophisticated atmosphere, likely hosting live music and providing a space for relaxation and socializing. 
  • The Hitchcock Lounge: Step into a themed lounge that might offer a unique ambiance, perfect for spending leisurely hours. 
  • Coral Bay: Explore this pool area, possibly featuring loungers, pools, and a tropical atmosphere for soaking up the sun. 
  • I Dinosauri: If family-friendly, this area might be designed for kids, with entertainment and activities suited for younger travelers. 
  • S32 Disco: Discover the ship's discotheque, where you can dance the night away and enjoy a vibrant nightlife experience. 
  • TOP 16: Visit a designated adult-only area, possibly offering tranquility, panoramic views, and premium amenities. 

MSC Aurea Spa

  • Beauty Parlour: Explore the beauty salon within the spa, offering various treatments and services to pamper yourself. 
  • Gym: Virtually visit the onboard gym, equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, to keep up with your workout routine. 
  • Massage Room: Step into the serene massage rooms, where skilled therapists offer relaxation and rejuvenation through various massage techniques. 
  • Steam Bath: Experience the benefits of a steam bath, a relaxing and therapeutic way to unwind and detoxify. 

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