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Useful Things to Know About Oceania Marina

Explore Useful Things to Know About Oceania Marina

Sail & Sustain

Mission Statement

Our mission is to continually improve our sustainability culture through fresh innovation, progressive education and open collaboration.

Our environmental commitment is continually evolving and expanding into additional areas of our operations, both shipboard and shoreside. Our industry is inextricably linked to the condition of our oceans and as such, continual improvement is one of our core responsibilities. In line with this accountability comes our commitment to preventing accidents and incidents involving pollution, reducing the environmental impact of our operations, managing waste through methods that promote recycling and reusing materials and ensuring continual refinement of our ISO 14001 certification objectives and targets.

Our objectives:

  • Minimise Waste to Landfills
  • Reduce our CO2 Emissions Rate
  • Increase Our Sustainable Sourcing
  • Invest in Emerging Technologies

Water Conservation & Management

Oceania Cruises has introduced the Gold Standard in still and sparkling water service on board with our new Vero Water® service. All suites and staterooms will be stocked with refillable and reusable Vero Water decanters as well as all restaurants and bars.

We have also expanded Vero service to our shoreside experience, providing guests with keepsake refillable water bottles to take Vero Water ashore with them, eliminating several million more bottles per year.

VERO Facts

Oceania Cruises became the first cruise line to introduce Vero Water, the gold standard in still and sparkling water. With the introduction of Vero, we will eliminate several million single-use plastic bottles per year from onboard use. Later in the year, we will extend Vero service to our shoreside experience, providing guests with keepsake refillable water bottles to take Vero Water ashore with them, eliminating several million more bottles per year.

  • Vero Water – eliminates 3 million+ single-use plastic bottles per year
  • 80% of all fresh water consumed on board is produced on board
  • On average, daily water consumption per guest is 30% below the daily U.S. average

Going Green Through Technology

We are eliminating the consumption of millions of pages of paper per year via new digital technology on board.

  • Interactive TV System
  • Digital Newspaper &
  • Digital Guest Survey

These new digital initiatives will help us save millions of pieces of paper and thus reduce waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

Smoking Policy

For the safety of all guests and staff on board, designated smoking areas are located at the forward starboard corner of the pool deck and the aft port corner of Horizons. These areas are comfortably furnished and conveniently located close to the dining area. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all cabins and suites, verandahs and all areas on board except for officially designated smoking areas. Smoking in a stateroom, suite, or verandah poses a serious fire and safety hazard to all guests and staff.Guests who choose not to comply with this policy will be disembarked at their next port of call and Additional charges may apply.This may apply to cover costs associated with damage and necessary cleaning of furniture, porches, surrounding decks and accommodation areas. All areas remain non-smoking, with the exception of designated smoking areas. This includes all guest suites and staterooms, lanais, restaurants, public areas, casinos and all other areas on board. Cigar and pipe smoking is permitted only on the starboard forward corner of the pool deck. Use of e-cigarettes is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

Dress Code

Recommended onboard attire is casual resort or country club attire. Smart casual resort outfits are recommended for evening meals. Please do not wear casual jeans, shorts, T-shirts, baseball caps, or sneakers in restaurants after 6pm. At the terrace cafe, you can wear his baseball cap after 18:00.

Special Dietary Requirements

Special arrangements can be made if you require diabetic, gluten-free, lactose-free, kosher, vegetarian and vegan meals. Other diets must be requested for approval and, in some cases, may require additional medical documentation.

Kosher Dining

Please contact special services at least 90 days in advance of your sailing so that we may provide your preferred selections.

The chefs of Oceania Cruises have worked with Sterling Kosher Catering to provide up to 70 kosher meal options, prepared with the finest USDA Certified glatt kosher meats, Grade A produce and ingredients, in facilities which are under strict Rabbinical supervision and daily USDA inspection. Each meal is frozen and delivered to our ships in double-wrapped packaging to allow the kosher meals to be reheated in non-kosher ovens. Each meal is served on kosher china with proper flatware.

While Oceania Cruises’ vessels do not have separate kosher kitchens, guests may also order a variety of kosher meats that can be cooked to taste (medium, well done, etc.) in addition to the Sterling Kosher Catering meal options. Please note that although the food is kosher, the onboard preparation and galley environments are not.

We are pleased to serve guests kosher meals in the Grand Dining Room restaurant. Please contact the Maître d' to make arrangements once on board. We regret that kosher meals cannot be served in other restaurants at this time. Please contact reservations for additional information.

Age Restrictions

Children and youth are welcome on board, but there are no specially designed amenities or facilities. Families sailing Oceania should note that the onboard experience is designed to provide adults with a relaxed and sophisticated cruise.

Sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is restricted to guests 21 years and older. Oceania Cruises reserves the right to prohibit and restrict the onboard consumption of alcohol purchased ashore.

Disabled Facilities

Guests with any medical condition(s) or special needs that may require treatment or attention or accommodation during the voyage, or needing to travel with medical apparatus, including wheelchairs, motorised scooters, oxygen therapy, etc., must advise Oceania Cruises in writing at the time of deposit. Please note some ports of call may not be suitable for guests with limited mobility and in such cases, may disallow debarkation with a wheelchair or motorised scooter or for any individual with limited mobility. Oceania Cruises is unable to accommodate women past their sixth month of pregnancy. Oceania Cruises has the right to refuse or revoke passage to anyone who, in its judgment, is in a physical, mental or emotional condition unfit for travel or whose comfort onboard may be compromised due to situations beyond the care that can be provided by Oceania Cruises. Oceania Cruises will under appropriate circumstances permit its guests to use special equipment such as those noted above, which satisfy the criteria stated in the Oceania Cruises' Policy Statement.

Guests and travel partners inquiring about rental equipment to use on any of our cruises are to be referred to Scootaround Personal Transportation Solutions at the telephone numbers or website provided below:


The link for Scootaround online reservations:

Medical Facilities

Each ship is equipped with limited medical facilities and staffed by international medical staff. Standard emergency admission fees and charges apply for medical services based on the services provided by the ship's medical staff.

Our doctors are international and meet the guidelines of the American College of Emergency Physicians and ICCL (International Council of Cruise Lines), including: , general practice or internal medicine, or a competent level of qualification in advanced life support and cardiac care.


Wireless Internet service is available throughout all ships.

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