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Silver Moon Cruise Ship Enrichment

Explore Enrichment Programs & Classes on Silver Moon

Our trips not only take you to every corner of the world, but we also guarantee entertainment after your arrival.

A variety of exciting and fulfilling programs to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. From the apex of your taste buds to the depths of your soul, prepare for a sensory rollercoaster of discovery on board and on land. No one knows the world like we do. Our travel experience is second to none. After 25 years in the travel industry and working from pole to pole, we believe our depth of knowledge is equivalent to 1,000 guidebooks. That's why we've hand-picked the world's most renowned artists, experts and guest his speakers, with curated voyages to offer a culturally immersive experience from a unique perspective. These carefully curated parties and performances are designed to inspire, brighten and enrich your time together with our partners so you can pursue your passions on board.

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