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What Amenities and Activities Are Available at Carnival Dream?

Uncover the exclusive amenities awaiting you on Carnival Dream. From a state-of-the-art fitness center to a serene adults-only retreat, create unforgettable memories on your cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Carnival is known for its laid-back yet larger-than-life activities. All of the fleet’s ships have their own set of features unique to them. Carnival Dream is one such wonder that offers several activities and amenities to make your trip worthwhile. This article goes more in-depth about this ship and explores all of the activities and amenities that you can avail of.

Carnival Dream: An Overview

Dream weighs around a gross tonnage of 130,000 tons, with enough space for 3,690 guests and around 1,823 cabins in total. The ship has around 14 passenger decks that are filled to the brim with high-quality living quarters, different kinds of entertainment facilities, diverse dining options, and a wide array of amenities. Carnival Dream features spaces suitable for people of all ages, with dedicated adult-only lounges and spaces like Ocean Camp where the much younger crowd can enjoy their time.

Things to do on Carnival Dream: Amenities and Activities

You’ll find that there are a lot of things to do on Carnival Dream, ranging from live entertainment, bars and lounges, carnival-themed rides, and more. These amenities and activities have been listed below for your reference:

1. Casino in Carnival Dream:

One of the best Carnival Dream activities that you can indulge in onboard is the singular casino, called the Jackpot Casino. This well-equipped casino features enough space for the passengers to relax, play some card games, and try their luck at winning a big hand. Games like poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, etc. are available for guests to play.

2. Bars and lounges:

Carnival Dream features approximately 11 bars and lounges across the ship. A unique addition to Dream is the Alchemy Bar, which is a vintage-themed bar space that is the perfect spot for you if you wish to be surprised by a cocktail mix catered to your taste. Some other options include BlueIguana Tequila Bar, Burgundy Aft Lounge, Dream Bar, Jackpot Bar (part of the Jackpot casino), Pool Bar, Redfrog Rum Bar, Sam's Piano Bar, Serenity Bar, The Song Jazz Lounge, and the Sunset Bar.

3. Serenity: The adults-only retreat:

Serenity is an adults-only poolside space on board the dream cruise ship. Here, adults can lay back and relax and enjoy the sun and scenic beauty of the sea while sipping on their favorite margaritas and cocktails from the poolside bar that's made available to all passengers.

4. Entertainment options:

There are a lot of live entertainment features aboard the Carnival Dream. Spaces like the Encore! Main Lounge, Aft Atrium, Bandstand, Punchliner Comedy Club, and Seaside Theater all feature great and high-quality live performances and shows by extremely talented individuals. Not only this, but if you are a bookworm, there is a perfect space for you on the ship called the Page Turner Library. There are also dance clubs and art galleries on the ship that you can take advantage of.

5. Children’s area:

This cruise ship is perfect for all age groups. While there are a lot of dedicated spaces on board this ship that cater to adults only, there is a specialized section that caters to the younger crowd. Some Carnival Dream activities have been introduced specially for children to ensure that they do not get bored on the cruise. For one, there is a video arcade that is well-equipped with a lot of nostalgic games that are bound to keep your children well-occupied.

Other than this, for a much younger crowd of ages 2 to 11, there is a Camp Ocean program that provides a large number of fun at-sea activities for children. Similar to how adults have a specific lounge just for them, Dream also features lounge areas specifically made for teenagers called Circle C (12–14) and Club 02 (15–17). Lastly, children can also enjoy fun water rides at the special water park. Some notable water rides include the Twister Water Slide, Speedway Splash, and Drain Pipe.

6. FunHub:

FunHub is a great technological addition to Dream and is one of the best and most helpful Carnival Dream amenities that you’ll be able to find. FunHub is an online Carnival-exclusive platform that lets you connect with fellow cruisers, gain access to the WiFi, get more information about any shore excursions that may be happening, and stay updated about any announcements. The platform also provides you with more information about what you’ll be able to find and experience onboard, as well as weather-related information.

7. Pool facility:

Carnival Dream has approximately three pools aboard its cruise ship. One is the main pool, which is accessible to all and features amenities such as drinks and poolside lounging chairs for all passengers. All this, coupled with a scenic view of the sea and clear skies, makes it the perfect getaway when you wish to relax during your sea days.

The second pool onboard is the Sunset Aft Pool. This pool is similar to the main pool but is situated near the stern area of the cruise ship. Lastly, there is the Waves Main Pool, which is around 30 feet by 16 feet wide and 4 feet 6 inches deep.

8. Spa and fitness centers:

The Cloud 9 Spa is the center of attraction and one of the best Carnival Dream activities that you can enjoy. You can renew yourself with high-end beauty and wellness treatments that are made available for all passengers. This can be your chance to be cherished, pampered, and even beautified. This spa is the perfect place to rest and relax after a long day of fun.

There is also a fitness center available for passengers onboard that goes by the same name. It's a fully equipped fitness center that features a lot of exercise machines. This space also holds various fitness seminars for passengers to attend. You will also be able to do various other kinds of fitness activities in this center, such as yoga, Pilates, and cycling.

9. Sports activities:

There is also a sports center called SportsSqaure that features a lot of types of equipment that can be used to play various sports onboard the Carnival Dream. Some of the major gaming choices you’ll find here are as follows:-


The Carnival Dream Cruise ship features a lot of activities and amenities that can turn your trip into the perfect vacation. From pools, bars, lounges, spas, and well-equipped fitness centers, you’ll always find one thing or another to enjoy during your cruising time. There are a lot of enjoyable and thrilling Carnival Dream activities on board the ship that can be worth the time and money spent. Book your next Carnival cruise trip with to enjoy a hassle-free process.

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