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What Are the Top Reasons to Cruise with Avalon Waterways?

Intimate & personalized service awaits! Discover the top reasons why Avalon Waterways should be your choice for an unforgettable river cruise experience.

By Cruise Booking Team

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River cruising has recently become a favorite vacation activity for people who wish to explore the world’s most scenic rivers with luxury and comfort. Though there are operators in this segment, Avalon Waterways can be considered one of the best due to their high level of service, unique ships, special itineraries, and wide range of offered routes. Whether you are a first-time or experienced cruiser, here are the top 17 reasons why you should choose Avalon Waterways for your next river cruising experience. 

List of Top 17 Reasons to Cruise with Avalon Waterways

Here are the top 17 reasons to choose Avalon Waterways for your next river cruise journey: 

1. Spacious Suites

Avalon Waterways boasts some of the largest and most comfortable cabins in the river cruise industry. They have their Panorama Suites, which are found in all their Suite Ships, and these are 30% larger than the normal size, and this provides the guests with ample space for leisure and entertainment. These suites have floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that can be opened into balconettes, and you can look at the environment without stepping out of the room.

2. Award-Winning Design

Besides comfort, Avalon ships have elegance and luxury as their main characteristics. The interior of each vessel is modern and lavish in terms of the materials used for the construction, and the artistry reflects luxury. Spaces such as the Panorama Lounge and the Sky Deck are comfortable and arranged to allow the occupants to have the best view of the landscape.

3. State-of-the-Art Amenities

Avalon offers a fast and free Wi-Fi connection, a spacious gym, and a range of restaurants for a comfortable and enjoyable cruise. The ships also feature innovative technology, such as Quietvox headsets for guided tours, ensuring you can hear your guide clearly without straining.

4. Europe’s Iconic Rivers

Avalon Waterways also has a plethora of cruises that go through most of Europe’s famous rivers, including the Danube, Rhine, Seine, and Rhône, among others. Drawing your attention to the rich history of central European cities, the charm of the French countryside, or the picturesque landscapes of Holland, there is always a perfect itinerary for a perfect tour.

5. Exotic Destinations

Apart from the European line cruising, Avalon has cruises in SE Asia on the Mekong River, South America on the Amazon, and Egypt on the Nile. Avalon Waterways itineraries provide unique opportunities to explore lesser-known regions with rich cultural histories and breathtaking natural beauty.

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6. Themed Cruises

For those with specific interests, Avalon offers themed cruises that cater to various passions, from wine and culinary cruises to history and music-themed journeys. These cruises include specialized activities and excursions, allowing you to indulge in your interests while having the best river cruising experiences.

7. Intimate Cruising Experience

With ships accommodating an average of just 150 passengers, Avalon provides a more intimate and personalized cruising experience. The ship's smaller size allows for a higher crew-to-passenger ratio, ensuring attentive and personalized service.

8. All-Inclusive Convenience

Avalon Waterways offers a truly all-inclusive experience. Almost everything is included in the fare, from airport transfers to gratuities, excursions, and complimentary beverages with meals. This approach lets you relax and enjoy your vacation without worrying about hidden costs or additional charges.

9. Expert Local Guides

Excursions are led by knowledgeable local guides who offer deep insights into each destination's culture, history, and significance. These guides are carefully selected for their expertise and ability to bring destinations to life, enhancing your overall experience.

10. Farm-to-Table Dining

Avalon emphasizes fresh, local ingredients in its culinary offerings. Menus are designed to reflect the regions being traveled, providing an authentic taste of local cuisine. The farm-to-table approach ensures that meals are delicious and sustainably sourced.

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11. FlexDining Options

Avalon’s FlexDining options provide unparalleled flexibility and variety. With multiple dining venues and open seating, you can choose where and when you dine. Whether you prefer a casual meal in the Panorama Bistro or a more formal dining experience in the main restaurant, there are options to suit every taste and schedule.

12. Guided Shore Excursions

Avalon Waterways itineraries include a variety of guided shore excursions designed to immerse you in each destination's local culture and history. These excursions range from walking tours of historic cities to visits to local markets, wineries, and cultural sites, providing a deep and authentic connection to each region.

13. Onboard Enrichment Programs

Onboard activities and enrichment programs further enhance cultural immersion. These programs include lectures, cooking demonstrations, and performances that reflect the traditions and heritage of the regions around, providing deeper insights and a richer experience.

14. Eco-friendly Practices

Avalon Waterways is committed to minimizing its environmental impact through various eco-friendly practices. These include reducing plastic use, sourcing sustainable meal ingredients, and implementing energy-efficient technologies on their ships.

15. Local Community Support

The company also supports local communities by partnering with local businesses for excursions and supplies. This approach enriches the cruising experience and helps sustain the economies of the regions visited.

16. Green Certification

Avalon Waterways has received several green certifications for its environmental efforts, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. These certifications ensure that they meet high environmental performance and sustainability practices standards.

17. Award-Winning Service

The company's commitment to excellence has been recognized with numerous awards in the travel industry. These accolades reflect the high service and satisfaction experienced by Avalon passengers.

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Avalon Waterways offers an unparalleled river cruising experience, combining luxurious accommodations, diverse and enriching itineraries, personalized service, and a commitment to sustainability. With their Avalon Waterways ships, exceptional culinary offerings, and immersive cultural experiences, Avalon ensures that every voyage is memorable and unique. Ready to embark on the river cruise of a lifetime? Book your Avalon Waterways cruise today with and start planning your unforgettable journey!

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