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What dining options are available on Celebrity Eclipse?

Discover the specialty dining options on Celebrity Eclipse, including Luminae, Murano, Tuscan Grille, and Sushi on Five, offering unique culinary experiences.

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One of the most important factors that can greatly improve your vacation is the food that you will be able to taste during your stay. On the Celebrity Eclipse, dining is not just a part of your vacation, but it is the vacation – where the destination and the food are one. The Celebrity Eclipse has a variety of dining options that make every meal on the ship a unique experience. So, let’s take a closer look at the different restaurants that are available on this wonderful cruise ship, which will provide you with a unique dining experience that will make your vacation even more enjoyable.

Main Restaurant in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

Celebrity Eclipse’s Main Restaurant is one of the most important dining facilities on the ship. This open and chic space has a vast à la carte selection that includes both traditional and innovative dishes based on the destinations the vessel calls at. Whether you are in the mood for a classic dish or a new creation, the Main Restaurant has what you are looking for. Every meal is made with the best ingredients, and the dishes vary from time to time to correspond to the cruise’s stops, making it unique with each meal.

Highlights Main Restaurant in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

Oceanview Café in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

For those who do not want to dress up to eat, the Oceanview Café is the ideal place to go. With its name derived from a marketplace, this café brings the world to your palate. The food is served in a buffet style which gives a chance to try different types of dishes, Mediterranean, Asian, American and others. The Oceanview Café is suitable for guests who would like to taste various meals at the same time in a casual setting.

Highlights Oceanview Café in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

Mast Grill in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

Serving delicious food, the Mast Grill is situated right by the pool and is perfect for guests who wish to grab a bite. It is perfect for a relaxed meal or a bite while sunbathing or swimming by the pool.

Highlights Mast Grill in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

The Spa Café in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

Celebrity was one of the pioneers of the idea of having a spa restaurant, and the Spa Café on Celebrity Eclipse is a good example of this. This café has a menu that is perfect for the ship’s world-class spa experience. The Spa Café offers delicious and nutritious meals which makes it ideal for people who want to eat healthy but still enjoy delicious food.

Highlights The Spa Café in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

Specialty Restaurants in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

For a more luxurious dining experience, Celebrity Eclipse has several specialty restaurants that provide guests with a completely different dining experience. Every specialty restaurant has its own ambiance and cuisine selection, which is designed to offer the clients an extraordinary meal.

Luminae in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

Luminae is available for suite class guests and it is a fine dining restaurant with dishes prepared by Celebrity’s Michelin-starred chef Cornelius Gallagher. The meals served at Luminae are derived from the various destinations the ship travels to, making the dining experience exotic and opulent.

Highlights The Spa Café in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

Murano in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

Murano is a French restaurant that serves both traditional and contemporary French dishes. The restaurant has a fine dining setting and provides excellent service to its clients. Some of the meals that can be enjoyed include lobster prepared right on the table or a variety of cheeses from different producers.

Highlights Murano in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

Tuscan Grille in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

For all the people who enjoy Italian food, the Tuscan Grille is a place to go. This restaurant serves Italian cuisine with a twist, and the menu is extensive, with everything from homemade pasta to well-done steaks. The Tuscan Grille has a welcoming ambiance, which makes it perfect for a family dinner or a date night.

Highlights Tuscan Grille in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

Bars and lounges in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises

Besides the excellent dining options, Celebrity Eclipse features numerous bars and lounges where guests can have any kind of drink. If you are in the mood for a cocktail, a glass of wine, or a beer, there is a bar on board that will suit your taste.

Highlights Bars and lounges in Celebrity Eclipse Cruises


Having a meal in the Celebrity Eclipse is a culinary experience that enhances your voyage. There are many choices of places to eat, including casual dining, specialty restaurants, and formal main dining rooms. The culinary team, headed by professional chefs, guarantees that each dish is cooked with great attention and imagination, and the ingredients are sourced from the areas you will be visiting. Whether you are having a snack at the pool bar or having a formal dinner at the main restaurant, dining on Celebrity Eclipse is one of the most enjoyable activities during the trip.

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