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How many pools are on a Carnival Celebration?

Find out the total count of pools available on the Carnival Celebration to fully enjoy your family vacation.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A part of their Excellence class, Carnival Celebration is another great cruise ship option for families to spend their vacation. Carnival Celebration provides travelers with one of the largest, nicest, flashiest, and newest family-fun cruising experiences, along with a plethora of other exciting attractions. Celebration is the biggest ship in Carnival's fleet to date and offers a variety of activities across six of its "zones."

One of Celebration's main attractions is the pool areas available on board for passengers of all ages. All of these pools are well equipped to provide you with the best entertainment and enjoyment to spend your sea days on. This article provides you with more details about the Carnival Celebration, as well as more in-depth information about all of the pools that you can explore onboard.

More About Carnival Celebration

Carnival Celebration stands at 1,130 feet long and 137 feet wide and can be considered the same height as a 17-story building. It can hold around 5,374 depending on double occupancy and also features a crew size of 1,735 people. Celebration stands at a gross tonnage of 183,521 tonnes and has around 17 decks onboard featuring different types of cabins, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Some of the features that make Celebration unique include the BOLT roller coaster, a LOFT 19 suite area, and the private Havana. These are Carnival's first ships to run on LNG, a cleaner-burning fuel. They're famed for their six unique zones, each with a distinctive theme, which makes the ship simpler to manage and break up the big crowds. The Celebration is largely similar to her sister ships, the Mardi Gras and the Jubilee, however, there may be minor changes.

Celebration also hosts a total of 21 different and diverse dining options that passengers can choose from. 14 of these restaurant options are available on a complimentary basis and are part of the base fare, while the remaining 7 are available to dine at with an extra fee. Other than this, the ship also provides around 18 different bars and lounge options that serve a large variety of drinks, ranging from beers and wines to cocktails and champagnes.

Lastly, you'll be able to find a lot of different entertainment options on board the Celebration cruise ship. These include but are not limited to arcade zones, basketball, brewery tours, casinos, gyms, comedy shows, and cooking classes.

As for the overall costs for traveling aboard the Carnival Celebration cruise ship, it costs around $100 - $350 per person per day and gratuities cost about $16 per day per person. These costs are generalized and can change depending on certain specifics of your trip such as ports traveled, drinking packages, cabin types, and more.

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Number of Pools on the Carnival Celebration

There are a total of 7 best pools for families on Carnival Celebration available on board the Carnival Celebration that are family-friendly and a great place to spend your sea days. We've curated a list of all these 6 pools along with their details for your reference:

Beach Pool

This pool is situated on deck 16 and is a saltwater pool that is available to all passengers regardless of their age, making it the best pool for families on Carnival Celebration. This is the main swimming pool area onboard the ship and features a hot tub, along with lounges and a bar facility for adults. You'll also find an upper pool deck that overlooks the beach pool area and provides enough space for passengers to lie back and relax. This is situated on deck 17 aboard the ship.

Carnival WaterWorks

This is Carnival's special onboard water park that features a lot of entertaining attractions for passengers to enjoy. There's the Twister Waterslide, which is a thrilling attraction that begins high in the air and descends quickly and drenches you. Some Carnival ships even include side-by-side racing slides, making fierce competition even more enjoyable. Situated on decks 18 and 19, this area also features the first-ever water coaster at sea, called BOLT.

You can opt for Speedway Splash, which includes hundreds of feet of racing action as well as unique lighting effects on the route to victory. DrainPipe is another attraction that finishes with a swirl, but PowerDrencher soaks deeply, like a bucket of water cascading down from above.

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Loft 19 Cabana and Pool

This area is situated at the highest point of the ship and features a lot of exclusive options for passengers. It is a quiet refuge inspired by the world's greatest resorts, complete with complete bar assistance, an exclusive swimming pool encircled by sun loungers, and huge cabanas for rent. Loft 19 cabana and pools are one of the latest additions to Carnival's fleets and are meant to provide travelers with an exclusive and high-end experience.

Patio Pool

This is an infinity pool option situated on deck 8 and offers an amazing experience to passengers onboard. This is a stern-facing pool onboard the ship.

Serenity Adult-Only Retreat

The Serenity Adult-Only Retreat lets you still be aboard the same ship with the children and all the Carnival-style excitement and provides you with the relaxation that you deserve on your vacation. The serenity retreat is filled with utter tranquility, sea breezes, and, of course, a nearby bar facility. It's the place to do the things you can't seem to accomplish anyplace else. This retreat area is situated on deck 18 aboard the Carnival Celebration.

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Tides Pool and Whirlpool

This is another unique addition to the Carnival Celebration and features a saltwater pool with two whirlpool tubs located on the rear/aft of deck 16. Facilities such as lounge chairs, umbrellas, and beverage service are all provided for passengers here, making it a great space to relax in. These are the two special spa pools that are situated on the 8th deck of the ship.

Lido zone pools

Situated on decks 16 and 17, the Lido zone along with the pool area features a lot of other options that'll keep you occupied. This is where you can have fun in the summertime with loud music, games, and exuberant dances presented by the entertainment staff. This area is also where the Carnival Seaside Theater is located, which features a massive LED screen that shows movies, athletic events, and music videos.

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Things to Carry To Relax at the Poolside

Now that you're aware of all of the pools available on board the Carnival Celebration, it is time to focus more on all the things you might require to have a great time for keeping yourself protected. We've curated a quick list of certain things you might want to carry with you to enjoy your time at the poolside:

Waterproof Drybag: With these waterproof bags, you do not have to worry about leaving your valuables, such as your phone, passport, etc., lying around. You can simply put your valuables inside this bag, seal it up, and take it with you while you take a dip in the cool waters.

Sunglasses: These are another great addition to your list of things to bring to the poolside. Sunglasses are essential as they help protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays and let you relax on the poolside without any worry.

Slip-Resistant Flip Flops: The poolside decks are always wet due to the water and can become the cause of slipping incidents. Carrying slip-resistant flip-flops can help avoid this worry and ensure that you remain safe while walking across these decks.

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Wide-brimmed Hat: this is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to protect your body and hair from the harsh sunrise. Along with this hat can be the perfect fashion addition to your overall swimwear outfit.

Sunscreen: This is one of the most important pool essentials you should carry on your cruising vacation. Under the harsh heat, you must protect your skin from the UV rays. Choosing a high-potency sunscreen can go a long way while traveling on a cruise ship. This is to avoid getting sunburnt as well since the harsh rays can also burn your skin and become painful.

Aloe vera gel: While sunscreen can help with sunburns aloe vera gel also becomes a necessity as it manages to provide you with a soothing touch.

Swimwear and Cover-ups: If you're looking to relax on the poolside aboard any kind of cruise ship it is necessary to carry the right kind of swimwear as well as cover-up.

Towel clips: If you wish to lay back and relax on the beach chairs, laying down a towel first is the bare minimum to do. While it seems like a very simple task, the constant breeze, as well as the need to move around, can bunch up the towel. To avoid fixing the towel again and again, you can carry towel clips that help attach it to the chair. These clips are easy to find and are quite sturdy.


Carnival Celebration features many different pools suitable for all age groups onboard their ship. Not only this, but you'll also be able to find different kinds of water-related activities, such as water slides (BOLT), as well as other features, such as lounging areas and bar services as well. Not only this, but the Celebration features a wide range of cabins to opt from, as well as approximately 21 restaurants that ensure that you never get bored during your trip. Use to book your next Carnival cruise to get your hands on the best possible Cruise deals.

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