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A person fills a glass with beverages and drinks
A person fills a glass with beverages and drinks

What Does the Celebrity Classic Beverage Package Include?

Enjoy an all-inclusive cruise experience with the Celebrity Classic Beverage Package, covering premium coffees, beers, spirits, and wines by the glass.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruises are not just about exploring exotic destinations; they're also about indulging in a world of culinary delights and beverages. Celebrity Cruises, famous for its dedication to luxuries and excellent services, provides numerous beverage packages that make your journey more appealing. The Classic Beverage Package emerges as one of the most flexible and popular options for guests desiring to indulge in a range of drinks during their cruise.

List of Celebrity Classic Beverage Packages

The Celebrity Classic Beverage Package is a unique offering that enables the guests to drink at any time of the day. This package provides beverages from morning refreshments to evening cocktails for different individuals. Let us take a closer look at what the Classic Beverage Package entails.

1. Morning Delights

Another great feature of the Classic Beverage Package is that you can enjoy your favorite morning drinks without paying extra charges. Guests can also savor premium coffees and teas, which makes the perfect beginning to their day. Whether you’re an espresso fan or just like a warm herbal tea, the Classic Package provides everything you need.

2. Hydration Throughout the Day

Hydration is essential, particularly in the hot and sunny beaches. The Classic Beverage Package offers bottled waters, including Evian, Perrier, and San Pellegrino brands. This guarantees you can satisfy your thirst with quality freshwater whenever needed.
An Array of Beers

The Classic Package provides a wide range of selections for beer lovers. Guests can enjoy all sorts of beer ranging from light and crispy lagers to rich and tasty ales. The package is designed to suit different beer tastes, so it is a heaven-sent for people who love nothing more than a cold one on a peaceful day.

3. Spirits and Cocktails

The offer covers spirits, cocktails, and liqueurs as the day gives way to the night. Guests can enjoy their mixed drinks on board, courtesy of expert mixologists. Whether you want a classic martini or a tiki cocktail, the package will enable you to savor a selection of beverages.

4. Wines by the Glass

Wine lovers would appreciate the classical Beverage Package due to the inclusion of wine served by the glass. The wine list includes a wide range of wines, each of which has been expertly selected to match individual tastes. Wines costing up to $10 per serving are covered in the package, giving wine lovers an incredible feeling.

5. Discounts on Wines by the Bottle

To provide an additional element of value, the Classic Beverage Package offers a 15 percent discount on wines purchased by the bottle. This lets visitors get acquainted with and enjoy the best quality wines at a much cheaper price, making their special days memorable.

6. Important Considerations

Some considerations are essential for guests when choosing the Classic Beverage Package. During the checkout process, a 20% gratuity will be added to the package prices. This guarantees that the crew on board, including the professional bartenders and servers, are appreciated for their excellent service.

Moreover, the package has some limitations. All guests of legal drinking age in the same stateroom and booked under the same booking number must buy the same alcoholic beverage package. Nevertheless, the guests are free to change their package until 48 hours before sailing, leaving a certain amount of flexibility for the guests of their choice.

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The Celebrity Classic Beverage Package is an all-inclusive package that fits every cruise guest’s tastes and preferences. This package offers a smooth and delightful beverage experience, from morning coffees to evening cocktails. The addition of discounted wines by the bottle further complements the offer, making it an attractive option for those who wish to augment their cruise diversion. Review the package features and terms and conditions for a hassle-free and enjoyable trip. Here is to a journey full of memorable moments and happy drinks!

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