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How many days are good for a cruise?

Are you going on a cruise for your next vacation but confused about how many days would be ideal?

By Cruise Booking Team

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The first step to planning a cruise vacation is to decide how long your vacation can last. Then, you can choose a destination, cruise line, and other necessities. If you are already planning for a cruise, you would know there are a ton of things to experience. Hence, it is important to plan an itinerary that will help you strike a balance between all the activities.

Keep reading this write-up to get an idea of the ideal time to spend on a cruise.

Popular cruise itinerary ideas

Generally, your itineraries depend on the number of days you can spare from your busy schedule. Here are some popular trip durations to consider for a cruise.

1. 1 to 3 nights cruises

If you can only take out time on weekends, a 1 nights to 3 nights cruises is perfect for you. On a short cruise, you can visit quick getaways and have a great time with your loved ones. However, as you do not have more time to spare, you may have a packed schedule as there are innumerable activities to try on board.

Routes to explore:

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2. 4 to 6 nights cruises

Sailing for 4 nights cruises to 6 nights cruises days gives you more time to explore the ports. Additionally, you can partake in activities or schedule a relaxing time at a spa on board. In addition, if you have any special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries, you can celebrate it in a grand way. Nevertheless, this also falls under the category of a short cruise.

Routes to explore:

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3. 7 to 9 nights cruises

Spending more than 7 night cruises to 9 nights cruises is perfect if you are looking for long cruises. You can experience all the luxurious amenities and have enough time to check out the exciting activities offshore. In addition, most of the week-long cruise starts sailing on Saturdays or Sundays. So, you can wrap your days' work on Friday, take a week off, and board the ship.

Routes to explore:

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4. 10 to 13 nights cruises

One of the major advantages of taking a longer cruise is that there are a variety of port calls. This is because it requires more time to reach destinations from the home port. When you sail for more than ten day's, you can use it to visit offbeat places and try thrilling activities.

Routes to explore:

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5. 14 and more nights cruises

People generally choose longer cruises for faraway destinations. However, if you plan a long vacation, you may consider fourteen or more nights on the cruise. This will allow you to use the amenities on board and explore more places and activities. In short, more days equal more fun!

Routes to explore:

Final words

These are some popular cruise routes you can explore. However, for shorter cruises, itineraries are limited when compared to longer cruises. Nevertheless, the quick getaways are amazing places to tour around. On the other hand, if you have planned for longer cruises, you can check out destinations with less people.

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