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Is it cheaper to book a cruise with a group?

A big advantage of going on a group cruise is that you might get attractive discounts and special amenities. Know why you should book a cruise with a group.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Going on a cruise trip with a group can be an excellent opportunity to reap numerous benefits at affordable rates. Group bookings tend to be less expensive than regular bookings; if you book a cruise with a group, you can enjoy numerous additional benefits and free perks. 

Let’s discuss the benefits of taking a cruise with your loved ones.

Is it cheaper to book a cruise with a group?

The obvious answer is yes. Booking a cruise as a group provides great value to the cruiseliner as they get to sell multiple full-fare tickets at once, which is why they tend to offer discounts on group bookings.

If you enjoy traveling with your family and friends, consider going as a group to get cheaper tickets. Many cruise liners offer discounts for group bookings of specific categories, resulting in lower ticket prices than regular rates.

If you decide to book a cruise with a group, you can book a certain number of cabins for a specific rate, which would be readily available at the lowest price. In some cases, you might be offered a discounted price, which would be lower than what you had to pay if you booked the cabins separately.  A cruise line considers a group to be at least 8 cabins.

What are the perks of booking a cruise with a group?

Besides the advantage of saving a good amount of money, the majority of cruise liners offer certain facilities for group bookings, which include:

Free cabins

When traveling in groups, you will notice that most cruise lines offer a free cabin for two individuals or a free cabin for one individual if a certain number of cabins is reserved. In this regard, one can land some heavy savings.

On-board credits

On-board credits are free money that allows you to utilize them in spas, bars, shops, and other venues onboard. Hence, it acts as an extra financial credit that groups receive on their shipboard account. This amount will get automatically deducted from the final bill of purchases. On top of it, most cruise lines place no restrictions on the usage of onboard credit for groups, making it an excellent way to enjoy some additional benefits.

Specialty Dining

You can also book a cruise with a group to enjoy specialty dining and drinks for free. Most cruise lines offer free lunches in their restaurant to visitors who are part of a group. Other offered facilities include drink vouchers, free cocktails, free internet, etc.

Free or discounted fares for kids

Today, the majority of cruise liners offer discounted fares for third or fourth passengers in a cabin with two full-paying visitors. Also, some cruise lines provide free tickets for up to two children if they share a cabin with two adults who pay full fare. You can avail of such special deals while traveling with children if you book a cruise with a group

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With this article, it is clear that if you book a cruise with a group, the entire cruise trip would be much cheaper. Additionally, going on a cruise trip with your friends and family can be an excellent way to catch up with your loved ones and have fun together.

Many cruise lines offer certain exclusive amenities to groups, making it a value-for-money option. You can book tickets for your favorite cruise from without wasting time and enjoy relatively lower prices than regular rates. 

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