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Top 5 Romantic Things to Do on Cruise

Want to surprise your partner with a cruise? Here are the top 5 romantic things to do on a cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Booking a cruise with your partner is one of the most luxurious and romantic ways to make them feel special and loved. There are many romantic things to do on cruise vacations. One can book chocolate body wraps or laze around on their private verandahs with their partners. Whatever it may be, cruises have endless options to enjoy a romantic getaway with your partner.


Top 5 Romantic Things to Do on a Cruise with Your Partner

If you want to plan a perfect cruise to surprise your partner but don’t know where to start, this list is for you.

1. Watch the Sunset or Sunrise Together

Watching the sunset or sunrise from the sea with the one you love is an unparalleled experience. Consider booking a suite, which will give you access to private balconies. The experience will be far more romantic, and individuals can have a moment with their partners. However, if a suite isn’t in your budget, the top deck of the ship is always open for all passengers. Grab a glass of champagne and take your partner to witness the picturesque scenes.

2. Order a Bottle of Champagne

Ordering room service and a bottle of the finest bubbly to your room is the best way to celebrate with your partner. You can enjoy the bottle of champagne out on the balcony attached to your cabin, or you can sit inside and enjoy it alongside your meals. Ordering in your room will allow you to have more private moments, and you can be comfortable and not worry about dressing up or socializing with others.

3. Book A Couple’s Massage or Spa

Opting for couples massage or spa will help you and your partner unwind. Distressing and romance go hand in hand; so reserve your spa appointments once you get onboard. Most cruise ships have a wide variety of spa treatments like hot tubs and saunas. Further, certain ships have private villas that allow the couples to lounge all day and spend quality time together. Insider tip, the spa usually offers a discount on days the ship is in port.

4. Spend a Night Out On-board

Most popular and romantic cruise ships have various things to do on board. For example, individuals can take their partners to a movie or a mini-golf date on board. Further, one can also take their partners out on a romantic dinner date to one of the alternative restaurants onboard. Couples are generally spoiled with the various choices at hand.

5. Spend a Day on a Private Island

Some cruise ships stop at private islands. On these private islands, couples can snorkel, swim or laze around the magnificent beaches and take in the beautiful view. Book a beach side massage or a private cabana for some special time with your special someone.

Key Takeaways

If you want to know how to surprise someone with a cruise vacation, the activities mentioned above can benefit you. Cruise trips are perfect to spend your honeymoon or anniversary. Vacations on land are fun, but cruise vacations add to the romance and adventure. Couples can get away from all the worries and stress of their daily lives for a few days. There are many romantic things to do on a cruise, and your partner will not be disappointed with an assortment of activities to choose from. Head over to to find the perfect romantic getaway for you and your partner.


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