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Best Beaches in Goa

If you want to go to the best beaches in Goa, make sure you go through this list of our favorite beaches in this area of the South West Coast of India. Read to learn more.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Goa is the land of popular beaches. It is extremely difficult to point out one of the best as all the main beaches are must-visit spots. These beaches should be on every traveler’s bucket list because they have a lot to offer. Not only are they scenic, but they also have a great ambiance. Moreover, the food here is something that you should not miss out on.

So, here is a list of famous beaches in Goa for you to explore and have a great time.

Top 5 Beaches in Goa

1. Calangute Beach

If you are an extreme sports lover, then Calangute Beach is the best bet among the rest of the beaches in Goa. Calangute is among the prized beaches of Goa that attracts tourists from all across the world. As already mentioned, it is also popular for different kinds of water sports and adventure activities. Both private and government organizers host these activities. The adventure activities and water sports that are offered at Calangute are – water surfing, parasailing, jet-skiing, and banana boat rides.

2. Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula is one of the popular beaches in Goa. Moreover, this place is the converging point of two Central Indian rivers, the Zuari and the Mandovi Rivers. As a result, the area offers a unique scenic beauty.

Moreover, tourists visit this particular place to see the whitewashed statue popularly known as the Image of India.

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3. Colva Beach

Colva is one of the must-visit beaches in Goa. It is situated in Salcete village in South Goa, which is an extremely popular tourist destination among Indian and foreign nationals.

You will also find great food in the shacks by the seaside. The pubs and bars have the best local drinks and cocktails, and the mood is also lively. Colva is also known for its Portuguese history. There are many buildings in the area which depict Portuguese architecture and history.

4. Anjuna Beach

The Anjuna beach is another famous beach in Goa. This area is known for its gorgeous atmosphere arranged with palm trees swaying left and right in the cool sea breeze. The lovely beach is also marked by an extraordinary landscape that consists of a rare rocky formation that lies on top of a white-sand cove where black rocks poke out into the Sea. It is the best beach for nighttime partying.

5. Arambol Beach

Arambol is one of the amazing beaches in Goa. It is popular for its sweet-watered lake, which is an uncommon thing near a salt-watered sea. The lake is located near an adjacent beach called the Kalacha. However, you can only reach Kalacha and Arambol on foot.

The hike is also pleasantly refreshing. Arambol’s shallow waters are so calm; they are wonderful to swim. The sands of Arambol are said to have medicinal qualities as the sand is known to have some important minerals that have the capability of healing.

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Final Words

These are some of the best beaches in Goa, but there are others as well. However, if you are visiting any of them, do not forget to visit first for all your travel arrangements.

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