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Best Hikes in Europe

Ready for a Europe cruise vacation? Check out this detailed guide on the 5 best hikes in Europe for an ultimate experience.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Europe is known to be the best hiking spot for travelers chasing thrills. It’s packed with varied and dramatic landscapes. Europe covers around 40 countries, each with its culture, beauty, and terrain. The region has over 100 minor mountain ranges to 10 major mountain ranges. From alien-like topography to rugged coastlines, deciding where to hike in Europe can be a fun discussion.

Keeping the same in mind, here we have listed the top 5 hikes in Europe.

Checkout 5 best hikes in Europe

European trails are wild, trail-worthy, and off-beat, making them best for trekking. Not only will travelers get a chance to explore the area's rich history, but it will take them to pristine mountains and cascading waterfalls too. Hiking is the best experience for people looking for peace and who want to enjoy nature at its best. Some of the top-rated hikes in Europe are:

1. Samaria Gorge, Greece

The first best hike in Europe is Samaria Gorge, the largest canyon in the south of Crete. The trail starts from Omalos and takes 5 to 7 hours to complete. To hike Samaria Gorge, you need to be physically fit as it is a very long hike. The first few kilometers of the hike are steep, so walking slowly through that path is best. The hiking trail is open from April to October, depending on the weather.

2. Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

The second top-rated hike in Europe is Vintgar Gorge, one of the most beautiful trails in Slovenia. The hike here is easy, so every person can fully enjoy it irrespective of his/her fitness level. The hike consists of beautiful nature, a river, a bridge, and more. For one mile on a hike, you must walk through a limestone gorge that is not broad enough. The bridge is built on turquoise blue water. Further, on the trail, you will observe the 40-foot-tall waterfall. Walk down the route and the steps to the observation deck underneath the falls for the amazing sights of the falls.

3. Cinque Terre, Italy

Further, we have Cinque Terre in Italy, which is one of the 5 best hikes in Europe. The hiking trail covers fishing villages. The whole trek takes 5 to 6 hours to finish. However, one can make a stop in any of the villages and continue the hike on other days. This hiking trail has two directions: Riomaggiore and Monterosso. The Riomaggiore trek is easy; it has a paved path; however, Monterosso might require careful planning.

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4. Rota Vicentina, Portugal

Another of the best hikes in Europe is Rota Vicentina which lies in the south of Portugal. These hiking trails have two paths: Historical and Fishermen's. Compared to Fisherman's trails, the Historical trail is long and covers 229 km. The hiking path covers the Atlantic Ocean's shoreline, providing beautiful scenery such as unspoiled beaches, clear waters, cliffs, little fishing, small villages, and lighthouses. May is the perfect time to cover this trail. This hiking trail is easy and doesn't require any hiking experience. However, if you get tired during the hike, there are many restaurants, hostels, and hotels along the trail.

5. Ben Nevis, Scotland

Lastly, we have Ben Nevis, one of the popular hiking trails in Scotland. The region is famous for its hiking trails and has one of the tallest peaks. This is the reason why it is one of the major tourist attractions all across the globe. The walk provides stunning spectacular views of fog peaks and shimmering valleys all along the route to the Isle of Skye and is ideal for couples or solo travelers in Scotland. The Mountain Track is the most famous trekking route on Ben Nevis since it is ideal for hikers of all ages.

Some of the Popular Cruises to Europe

Cruising across Europe is by far the most suitable choice for travelers. No doubt it is one of the most beautiful destinations. It is best to cruise to Europe any time of year because each destination has its peak season. Some of the popular cruises to Europe are:

1. Norwegian Escape

Norwegian Escape is one of the most beautiful ships of the Norwegian Cruise Line, with a passenger capacity of 4200 guests and 1742 crew members. Escape is great for anyone looking for a high-quality theater experience with a wide range of options. You might have to cruise twice to cover everything, as there are 28 bars and eateries on board. There's something to attract all.

2. Seven Seas Voyager

The ship can hold 447 crew members and 700 guests. It's a laid-back ship with a sophisticated but relaxed environment. Voyager delivers an inclusive vacation that enriches the board's social environment.

Plan Your Europe Cruise Vacation Now!

Europe is one of the most beautiful destinations, so planning a cruise to this region can be an exciting experience. With so many options available, deciding what to cover and what not can become a task. Hence, to help you with this, is at your service. Not only will you get the best deals on a cruise vacation, but we will come up with a plan that suits you best.

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