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Things to do in Bremerhaven, Germany

Thinking about visiting Bremerhaven? Here's a list of the 5 things to do in Bremerhaven, Germany, you must know.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Bremerhaven is currently one of the most important ports of Germany and has always played an important role in its trade. Besides being an important place for business, it is a great place to visit. To begin with, it has some lofty lighthouses and not to mention the market square. Most cruises making a tour in Europe have a stop at Bremerhaven, and tourists have always had a great time participating in outdoor activities, sightseeing, watching concerts, and of course, trying their sumptuous local food. 

The best time to visit Bremerhaven is from May to August. You can enjoy the perfect bright weather and will be able to tour the whole of it with ease. So if you have your eyes set on Bremerhaven, then it is important to know which places are worth your time and money. Here, we have a list of the best 5 things to do in Bremerhaven, Germany, that you should not skip out on. 

5 Things to do in Bremerhaven, Germany 

1. Bremerhaven Zoo 

Start your sightseeing with this small zoo near the river Weser. There are several Nordic and river animals housed in the zoo, like polar bears, seals, and penguins. It is a great place for your children to have fun and expand their knowledge. After all, what is travel for if not contributing to your knowledge? Have a fun sunny afternoon at the zoo before you hit your next destination. 

2. Bremerhaven Lighthouse 

As we already mentioned, Bremerhaven is known for its lighthouses. And this one is among the oldest on the entire North Sea coast. Built in the mid-nineteenth century, it is 37 meters long and thus looks like a giant fort. 

What's more striking about this lighthouse is its architecture. It has a very refined architecture that is rare to find in lighthouses. The Gothic architecture will transport you to the year it was built, and you won't be able to resist the nostalgia sweeping you off your feet. Therefore, visiting this spot is hands down one of the best things to do in Bremerhaven. 

3. Mayor Smidt Memorial Church

It is a textbook European church and thus worth your visit. It has all the elements you would expect from classic architecture and structure. It is not only beautiful to behold but also has a rich history. Make sure you have a learned guide to explain to you the Lutheran backdrop of the church, and how it was among the influential churches of the country back in the 19th century. 

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4. Klimahaus Bremerhaven 

Klimahaus is a meteorological center that brings together a science center and a theme park. It is a kid’s paradise. Our list of top 5 things to do in Bremerhaven, Germany, would have been incomplete without this one. However, make sure that you are not late as it closes  at 7 pm. Let your children have fun in the rainforest and other events curated specially for them. 

5. Pingelturm 

Pingelturm is another lighthouse worthy of your time. Built at the turn of the 20th century, it has a fog bell that works even in foggy conditions. It is a great place to wrap up your trip to Bremerhaven. 

Key takeaways 

Bremerhaven is a quiet city that houses some of the best tokens of history that you cannot miss. Hence, plan a cruise  with and have a great trip in Bremerhaven. You are going to love the city's culture and vibe.

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