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5 Best Things to do in Alexandria, Egypt

Planning a trip to Alexandria, Egypt? Take a glance at this list of the top 5 Unmissable things to do in the city and make your journey memorable.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Let's go back to one of the oldest civilizations and dig deep into their majestic beauty and splendor. Yes, we are talking about none other than Egypt and its king city Alexandria. This Mediterranean cruise port is no less than a gorgeous page out of your history book. Once among the Hellenistic cities in the world, Alexandria still possesses its magic and magnificence.

If you want a holiday that includes beauty, history, and opulence, Alexandria is your place. A place founded by Alexander the Great and ruled by Queen Cleopatra is worthyou're a visit at least once in a lifetime.

Autumn and spring both make a great time to visit Alexandria. It is best to avoid summers and extreme winters to escape the climate. Therefore, pack your bags for a splendid trip, and here are the 5 best things to do in Alexandria, Egypt, that will fulfill your traveler's appetite.

5 Best Unmissable Things to do in Alexandria, Egypt

1. The Alexandria Corniche

The Alexandria Corniche is the best place to begin your trip. This huge natural corridor overlooking the Mediterranean is a humble spot that has several small bars and cafes to try out their local dishes. You can go there for a stroll or simply to capture pictures. It encapsulates the spirit of Egypt.

2. Cleopatra's Palace

Visiting Cleopatra's Palace has to be among the top 5 things to do in Alexandria, Egypt. Struck down by natural calamities, the ruins still emanate the aura and opulence of its former queen. The place is still a hotbed for archeologists, and as a visitor, you cannot miss this.

3. Seraphim of Alexandria

This temple is among the religious spots of the city. It still speaks of the havoc caused by Romans in 391. It is beautiful and worth giving your time to. Make sure you carry a camera, for these sights are meant to be captured and cherished forever. Everything in the city is worth clicking a picture, and Seraphim is no exception.

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4. Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a tribute to the Great Library of Alexandria, burned to ashes in the 1st century. It does not have old manuscripts but is a very important center for arts and humanities.

Besides, this is not just a sprawling library but has museums, a laboratory, art galleries, and a planetarium too. If you are deeply interested in history, then this is a paradise for you. It also has a kid's section that can be fun and educative for your kids.

5. Montazah Palace Gardens

Everything about Alexandria is enchanting, and Montazah Palace Gardens is our next stop. It originally belonged to King Farouk and, as the name suggests, has a large garden. Visitors are allowed to stroll the garden and admire the architectural beauty of the palace. Note the hints of designs and motifs signature of the architecture of Istanbul. However, you cannot examine the interiorsas it is not open for viewing.

Key takeaways

Make sure that you have a well-planned trip when visiting Alexandria. Your trip planner must cover all the fun things to do in Alexandria. It is a city that is rich in cultural heritage and thus deserves a strategic tour. Visit to get the best cruise plans that cover the best places and make your holiday worth remembering.

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Header Image by Macias1819 at Pixabay

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