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Top 5 things to do in Brussels, Belgium

Planning a trip to Brussels, Belgium? Here are the best attractions and top things to do in Brussels you must consider.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Every street and lane in Brussels, Belgium's capital, is filled with beautiful architecture and intriguing history. Because it is the EU's administrative center, it may appear to be highly business- and bureaucracy-focused at times, but it can also appear carefree and not take itself too seriously—consider Manneken Pis and the Comic Strip Center.

This complex environment is what makes Brussels such an appealing destination. It has traditional European attractions like art and architecture and more unusual ones, so it truly has something for everyone.

Let us look at the best things to do in Brussels, Belgium:

1. Learn about lace in the Costume Museum

One of the oldest crafts in Brussels is lace, and needlepoint lace originated in Italy and was one of the city's major enterprises. The museum shows various antique garments and how lace clothing was manufactured. The shows are consistently well-presented despite their constant change.

2. Visit Notre Dame Du Sablon

The Archer's Guild first used this magnificent Gothic cathedral as a chapel in the 14th century. The Madonna figure within, which was popular and thought to have healing properties, caused it to be further expanded in the following century. A couple of robbers in a row boat are accused of stealing the statue. Although the statue's location is unknown, a life-size recreation of the story is shown inside the structure.

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3. Be inspired by the Grand Place

Even though Brussels' Grand Place is tucked away in the middle of the city, walking through it will leave us speechless. The stunning city hall from the fifteenth century stands in the middle of Grand Place, but we will also be struck by the six guild halls' eye-catching architecture scattered throughout the area. It is worthwhile to visit the square multiple times throughout the day. The court hosts a flower market on particular days; therefore, going at night is advised.

4. Step back in time to the Old England Building

The last year of the 19th century saw the construction of the Old England Building in Brussels, which once housed a department store. Visitors are drawn to the building for its gorgeous façade and the fascinating and sizable musical museum it houses. More than 2000 musical instruments with historical significance are kept in the museum, and many of them can be heard by visitors. In addition, panorama views of the city are excellent, thanks to the cafe on the roof.

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5. Admire Le Botanique

Le Botanique, which used to be the city's botanical gardens, continues to draw a sizable number of visitors today. The 19th-century greenhouse, which now frequently hosts various performing arts, gives the area a feeling of being more of a cultural center than just a garden. If we like greenery, then the nearby parks still stand and are present in all their splendor. They provide a pleasant contrast to the city itself. It is one of the top 5 things to do in Brussels, Belgium.

In conclusion, Brussels has many activities, especially if we have a weekend to spare. It is one of those cities where a whole weekend would be ideal for taking in all the historical monuments and eating all the waffles one can handle.

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