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La Gomera, Spain
La Gomera, Spain

Top 5 things to do in La Gomera, Spain

5 fun things to do in La Gomera that will make you feel like an adventurer.

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If you are looking for a quaint Island amid the vast Atlantic Ocean then La Gomera is the place to be in. La Gomera, also known as Isla Magica, is the second smallest of the eight Canary Islands. It is positioned right off the coast of Africa and belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The island is considered to be an ecological treasure, only 20 kilometers in size, stretching from north to south. The island nurtures small black-sand batches set in between cliffs with a rugged coastline.

An interesting nugget of news is that La Gomera is said to be the last port of call before Columbus made his discovery of America. Columbus set sail from the port of Palos de la Frontera on the 3rd of August and arrived in La Gomera in 1492. Columbus made his stop to restock his ship with supplies. It was since then that La Gomera was also referred to as the Columbian Island in history.

Top 5 things to do in La Gomera, Spain

If you are on this historic island located off the Southern coast of Tenerife, here are the top 5 things to do in La Gomera, Spain.

1. Garajonay National Park

A visit to the Garajonay National Park is one of the top 5 things to do in La Gomera, Spain. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage and in the year 2001, it was also designated as a Biosphere Reserve including the rest of the Island. What makes the park unique is that it contains a laurel forest which is a kind of subtropical forest found in areas with mild, stable temperatures, and high humidity. The forest is characterized by broadleaf evergreen trees and is a habitat for rare species of animals and plants.

When you are in the park be sure to stay on the 3.7-mile walking trail that cuts right through the forest and passes a 490 feet waterfall as well as a hermitage.

2. Valle Gran Rey

A hike to the pretty town of Valle Gran Rey is one of the top activities to do in La Gomera. Some of the most pristine beaches on the island such as Playa del Ingles and Charco del Conde are a short distance from the town.

The town is also home to the Curva del Queso viewpoint from where you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful ravines. Mirador de El Palmarejo designed by Cesar Manrique, the architect, is also located in Valle Gran Rey and offers spectacular views which you can take photos of. Last but not the least, a visit to the Organos National Monument, which is an iconic volcanic formation is one of the top 5 things to do in La Gomera, Spain. This geological formation is located in Valle Gran Rey.

3. San Sebastian

San Sebastian is the capital city of the island and one of the most important urban centers. The place is ripe with tranquility and history and houses the Casa de la Aguada. This is an exhibit that narrates the history of Columbus’s travel to America and it is widely believed on the island that Columbus took water from here to bless the New World.

Out of 5 fun things to do in La Gomera, Spain, the third on the list is visiting the Archaeological Museum which is located right in the city center. The museum will be a great learning experience for visitors where you can gain deeper knowledge about the island’s history, culture, and overall archaeological features.

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4. El Pescante De Hermigua

Amongst the 5 fun things to do in La Gomera, is to visit El Pescante De Hermigua which gives you details about the islands’ history. This is where the inhabitants of the islands would create suspension equipment, davits important to load and unload boats that were too large to carry onshore.

5. Fortress of Chipude

The activities to do in La Gomera is to scale the volcanic mountains to reach the Fortress of Chipude which is held to be a sacred place by the inhabitants of the islands. The summit is a 4000 feet trek above sea level being the highest point on the island, the place is visible from any spot on La Gomera. Although the trek isn’t very complicated, one has to cover 1.3 miles round-trip through a narrow crevasse. The total journey could take about two hours depending on your speed and fitness. It is recommended that you wear appropriate shoes and carry a bottle of water and some protein bars for energy and nourishment.


If you love to explore cultures and have a soul-touching experience, then a visit to La Gomera when touring in or around Spain is highly recommended. The island doesn’t have many fancy resorts or hotels but the atmosphere of the island is sure to put your mind at ease. And with the list of top activities to do in La Gomera, Spain at the ready, you won’t have a dull moment.

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