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What cruise line allows kids?

When we talk about kid-friendly cruises, we see whether the cruises fulfill certain criteria.

By Cruise Booking Team

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There was a time when finding a kid-friendly cruise was a struggle. But since the last decade, major cruise lines have launched a bevy of fun-filled activities, sports, and games to make the cruise ambiance kid-friendly. kids sail free cruise deals has made it amicable for parents to book a suitable cruise without worrying. However, ships vary greatly and both the cruise liner and the cruise, in general, have to be considered before making your bookings.

When we talk about kid-friendly cruises, we see whether the cruises fulfill certain criteria. A cruise suitable for kids should have water parks, sports, rock climbing, game rooms, and other kid-friendly activities. These are the ideal cruises to take your kids on. If your kids cannot be engaged in any activity, this will be a problem for your enjoyment too. Finding the right cruise that blends both adult and kid-friendly activities, also being resourceful, and following the itinerary can be a chore.

So here is a list of the best cruise lines for families with kids:

1. Royal Caribbean

This cruise line tops the list because it has a complete program for children. Known as Adventure Ocean, it is distinctly known for its offering at all levels. This extravagance is applauded by parents and makes Royal Caribbean a top choice for a kid-friendly cruise. The new ships of this line go beyond anyone’s expectations to feature science labs where they can perform experiments. Movie theaters are also added in some new cruises, where kids can rehearse before putting on a mini-production for their families. If you want to have a comfortable cruise vacation with family and kids then you can book a cruise online through at cruisebooking.

Activities are all supervised by male and female staff, who have a four-year degree or an equivalent international degree in education. Moreover, all staff should have 3 to 5-year experience in taking care of children between 6 months to 17 years.

2. Carnival Cruise Line

This US-based cruise line has made continued efforts till it could finally add Australian features to its ships Carnival Legend and Carnival Spirit to attract more and more families. The main center of attraction and a masterpiece of both these ships is Green Thunder, voted as the fastest and steepest water slide at sea. 

Another cruise was added to their cruise line in December 2019 called the Carnival Splendour, which has brought more modern features including a gentle Mini racer version. It also features the Twister Waterslide which gets its name from the 104 twists and turns once you get on the slide. This ride is suitable for both adults and children above the age of 15 years.

3. Celebrity Cruises

This is a by-line of the Royal Caribbean brand and is making a mark in the family cruise section by bringing in top entertainment features, especially in all cruise ships including Celebrity Eclipse, which set sail from Melbourne in late 2020. The cruises under Celebrity offer different layers of fun for kids of different ages. For toddlers below age 3, Celebrity has a program called Toddler Time, where children can play with their kids with the toys provided onboard. Various activities are tailored for each age group and are all included in the cruise fare. Some of them are ice cream sundae making, treasure hunts, art and craft, karaoke, relay races, and more.

Thus, these cruises will be a great way to plan a vacation with your entire family, without having to sacrifice your fun for your children as well and if your family and kids are vegetarians, the best cruises for vegetarians. They make accommodations for your entire family so that each member can have a wonderful experience throughout.

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