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Can a 3 year old go on a cruise?

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Everyone who has once-in-a-life traveled with a kid knows it may be challenging. After all, babies fidget on airplanes, have a hard time adjusting to new nighttime routines, and occasionally will only eat familiar foods. You might be apprehensive to plan a trip with a child because of these factors. The truth is that bringing a kid on a cruise is simpler and more enjoyable than you might think. We won't be shocked if, after taking your kid on a cruise for the first time, you decide to make family cruises on an annual habit.

Can a 3 year old go on a cruise?

Yes, you can travel with a 3 year old on a cruise. Most cruise lines allow you to travel with a baby who is 6 months or older, with the exception of those ships that are exclusively for adults. On some itineraries, typically exotic cruises and lengthy ocean crossings, children must be at least one year old. If you should bring your infant on a cruise is a decision only you can make. You should think about whether you feel comfortable traveling with a baby to a place where medical treatment may not be as good as it is at home and whether having a baby would interfere with your ability to enjoy port sightseeing or the activities offered by the cruise ship, particularly the nightlife.

Are kids entertained on cruises?

Naturally, they are. Children of all ages enjoy cruises, and there are lots of activities to keep kids occupied. Children under the age of three are welcome to participate in Kids Time in the ship's playroom, where they can connect with children their own age while playing. Children do not need to be potty trained in order to participate in Toddler Time activities, but parental supervision is required.

What should you bring on a cruise for a kid?

While taking a cruise with a kid, preparation is essential. While embarking on a cruise with a young kid, it is advised to include the following necessities in your luggage:

  • Passport or citizenship documentation
  • Diapers as well as swim diapers
  • Infant wipes
  • Watch for babies
  • A canopy or a portable stroller
  • Snacks
  • Inflated bathtub (This will come in handy since most staterooms only have a shower.)
  • First aid/medicine kit with children and sunscreen band-aids, aloe vera gel, acetaminophen, and antibiotic cream
  • Daily two outfits (in case there are any spills or accidents)
  • One formal appearance (when you see the lovely pictures, you'll be glad you dressed your child up)
  • 3 or more swimsuits
  • Water shoes or sandals

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Should I carry wipes and diapers with me?

Only a few cruise ships provide onboard sales of diapers and wipes. It will be necessary for you to bring enough diapers and wipes for the duration of your vacation, order baby supplies through a cruise line's gift program, or take time out of your sightseeing in port to pick up additional foreign brands. We advise bringing enough disposable diapers to last the entire cruise if your child typically uses cloth diapers because the crew will not wash dirty diapers.

On the ships, are there any toys or picture books that we can borrow?

You can borrow toys from some ship kids' groups, but it is preferable to bring your own. Again, it's best to bring your own books because children's book sections on cruise ships with libraries are frequently sparsely stocked. You may also find some in the kids, but the selection will be hit-or-miss.


Yes, you can bring a 3 year old to a cruise ship. But you need to be very careful about them. Although the cruise ship has many amenities and services for kids, it is the parent who will need to take care of them. The cruise ship has everything that will keep your kid busy, and he or she will enjoy it to the fullest.

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